4 easy ways to attract the attention of passersby.

In visual marketing, the truism that “unseen is unsold” means that products that are not noticed will not be sold. With e-commerce ever encroaching on the market share of traditional shop fronts, it’s become increasingly important that consumers know you exist.

This is particularly the case for businesses where walk-ins still make up a significant part of sales, so it’s important not to forget about them when planning your marketing strategy.

For these businesses, here are 4 different products to help maximise your walk-ins.


A-frames are an affordable and versatile portable sign solution that is ideal for a myriad of uses.
Due to their height and size, A-Frames are ideal for businesses that receive a lot of foot traffic. With their eye-catching nature making them hard to miss passers-by, these signs are perfect for cafes.

Additionally, their versatility means that A-Frames are fantastic for advertising daily specials and other variable information.

The portability of A-Frames also makes them ideal as real estate signs; due to how easily you can pack them up and move them from property to property.

Pull Up Banners

Much like A-Frames, Pull Up Banners are an incredibly portable and versatile signage product. That said, due to their tendency to act like large sails in windy environments, Pull Up Banners are often better suited for indoor locations.

This type of signage is great for trade shows, exhibitions, and retail displays, as they take up very little floor space, while still packing a massive punch.

The best part is that when you’re finished with them, you can reel them back into their bases and pack them away! Easy!

Tear Drop Flags/ Banner Flags

Often standing between 2-5 metres in height, Tear Drop Flags are a great way of drawing attention to your business in an outdoor environment. (It’s important to note that you can still use them indoors, but they really ‘shine’ in the sun).

Tear Drop Banners are great to use in crowded areas such as shopping strips and beaches, where consumers are more likely to be focusing on their destination, rather than their immediate surroundings. Banner flags will help bring their attention to you.

Banner Flags are also lightweight and easy to set up and pull down, making it incredibly easy to move about as required, and store away outside of opening hours.

Mesh Banner

In business, it’s critical to take advantage of every platform available to you; including the very walls and fences that literally give your business structure.
Mesh Banners are a fantastic and cost-effective way to do this;  making use of a fence or wall that would otherwise run bare.

In effect, with a mesh banner, you can convert any fence or wall into a marketing billboard to target passers-by.

The material composition of Mash Banners means that they are incredibly versatile and flexible in nature; but unfortunately, this does also mean that they’re prone to greater wear and tear than fixed signage.

Mesh Banners are also a great way to conceal renovations or construction work that may be undergoing around your business.

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