Here are four of the easiest ways to show your customers you care about them.

Please prepare yourself for the biggest revelation you’ll hear all day.


Customers like it when you’re nice to them. Better still, they love it when you go the extra mile for them.

This isn’t just basic common sense, however; according to McKinsey, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Given that clients are a business’s most important assets, it’s understandably in your organisation’s best interests to foster and maintain a positive relationship.

This doesn’t have to be overly complicated however, just a few small gestures can go a long way to winning the hearts of your customers. Here are our top 4 tips your business can use to create long-lasting client relationships.

Holiday cards

It may seem like standard procedure nowadays, but the impact of a thought out, considered card during the holidays could be considered monumental. Cards for Christmas, Easter, and Lunar New Year, (Valentines Day?) are all really simple ways to execute this strategy. Holiday cards will reassure your client that they haven’t been forgotten in addition to making them feel special and acknowledged. Such cards also help keep your services fresh in their mind during what are often very busy periods for businesses.

The important part to keep in mind here is the “thought out”. You don’t need to write as though they’re your lover, but something with a little more depth than; Dear X. Merry Christmas. From Y Business.” is better. We’ve written about this in more detail here, but the lesson is, to put a bit of effort in. You’re already investing in this strategy, so why not do it right?

Birthday cards

As you get older birthdays become less celebrated and so a card from your business will be a welcomed surprise. Keep track of your clients’ birthdays in your business calendar, and be sure to send out a card at the start of the month to each client due to celebrate a birthday that month. Clients rarely expect businesses to celebrate their birthdays – this gesture will show your business cares and help it stand out in your client’s mind.


Show your clients that you’re proud and supportive of them by sending your congratulations when they hit significant achievements. Your clients’ achievements and milestones deserve to be celebrated, and your business’s acknowledgement of this will show how invested you are in this relationship. You don’t need to send them a bottle of scotch (though I’m sure they wouldn’t say no!) just a card showing you care is enough.

Bonus tip – An easy way to keep track of these is simply to follow their social media channels; at the very least they’ll appreciate the extra engagement!

With compliments slips

With any official correspondence, it’s always nice to include a small, informal handwritten note to warm things up a little. To no surprise, a compliments slip is perfect for that. In these situations remember to keep your message brief; there’s no need to write an essay. Even a simple ‘thank you’ will speak volumes to your clients and show that you are grateful for their business.

Greeting cards and ‘with compliments slips are great for businesses on a budget. You can pre-print these in bulk and ahead of time to save money, making them a great low-cost option to strengthen valuable relationships.