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Are you getting the most out of your campaigns? Here’s 5 easy ways to find out

One of the benefits of print advertising is if done effectively, it typically results in higher conversation rates. However, with that positive comes a potential negative, due to how print advertising is distributed or consumed, it may seem hard to measure the return on investment (ROI) for the campaign. Surprisingly though, it can be quite easy and in this article I’ll share with you 5 easy ways of measuring the ROI.

Use a unique phone number

If your promotion is for a specific campaign, using a unique phone number can help you track the number of people that specifically contact you from that campaign. One tip, is to keep that number active for as long as possible after the campaign, as response times can vary. If you’ve never setup a unique phone number before, we recommend giving our friends a call at Ace Communications.

Custom landing page / vanity URL

A custom landing page, specifically used for the campaign can help you track the number of visitors via your standard web analytics service. Our favourite tool is Google analytics.

Ask the question, how did you find us?

Most customers are surprisingly willing to offer this information, when asked. Train your sales people when dealing with new enquiries, to casually ask how the customer heard about you. On contact forms, have a drop down asking a similar question.

Coupon codes

If your advertising campaign contains some kind of special, offer or discount, instruct the recipients to use a specific coupon code or to bring the advertising piece in store to receive the special – this will allow you to track the number of people using it.

Measure sales volume

If you don’t have other campaigns active at the time or already know the other campaigns average ROIs, you can manually look at sales volume and measure the increase once your print campaign goes live.

Most of the above examples can easily be incorporated into a standard campaign of flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazine / newspaper advertisements, etc


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