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Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation

Annual Report 2018/19 Redesign.

The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation offers a range of programs developed to support and empower young people from families experiencing mental illness. Inspired by their brand’s gradual evolution, the organisation approached us with a vision to take their annual report in a new direction; to do more than just report financial results and tell a story of their progressing brand.

Their wish was for the annual report to tell the triumphant story of their year, not only in order to nurture a reader’s confidence in the organisation but to ensure their branding remained coherent across all of their design collateral.

As an organisation still in its grassroots it was important that their facts and figures be brought to life in a professional, creative and charismatic format.

To meet their request, lead designer Daniel decided to completely strip back and remodify the report from the ground up, complete with a new template, art style, structure, paragraph styles, image library and content flatplan.

By evaluating the strong points of our client’s brand, the design team was able to draw from distinct visual elements, such as the client’s bright colour palette, in order to bring the annual report’s pages and infographics to life, whilst retaining a sharp and professional edge.

The result, an annual report that integrated their financial results into a well-crafted story communicating the brand’s vision, personality and success.

Emroy Creative Group was commended for its ability to retain the company’s underlying tone and ideas, whilst taking the creative design in a new direction. Now a new template was established, we were able to ensure future editions of the annual report can follow in this project’s footsteps and build upon their new sense of brand cohesion.

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