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How to boost lead generation at trade shows

There’s few better places to generate hundreds, if not thousands, of leads than trade shows. But leads won’t generate themselves, and you’re most likely competing with many similar companies with booths set up alongside yours.

Here’s five ways to boost lead generation at your next trade show.

1. Use a popup banner to grab the attention of passersby.

Set up a popup banner facing the majority of foot traffic outside your booth to draw leads inside.

2. Utilise your wall space with vibrant, bold posters.

A drab looking booth won’t generate any interest. Use vibrant, bold posters on your wall space which target your audience to spark more interest in your products.

3. Give away something useful.

Everybody likes free stuff! Give away inexpensive but useful items branded with your company at your booth and your name will spread like wildfire, e.g. fridge magnets or calendars.

4. Don’t let anyone leave without a business card!

There’s a reason you print thousands upon thousands of business cards off at a time – they’re to be handed out without prejudice! Ideally, everyone who walks into your booth should leave with a business card and/or one of the aforementioned useful gifts.

5. Try door drops that target show attendees at local hotels.

Often individuals travel to trade shows and favour certain nearby hotels. Before the show, drop postcards or flyers at local hotels advertising your booth to generate buzz and, ultimately, more leads.

6. Use notepads to capture client details.

Make sure you have plentiful notepads around for clients to leave their details. Even better, give them an incentive to leave their details such as the chance to win a competition.

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