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Let me show you how to get your brand on your client’s desk (spoiler: with notepads)


Think about soft drinks for a moment. Chances are the first thing that came to mind was Coca-Cola. Now think about why they’re often so prominent in your mind. The answer, is repetition. Coca-Cola, like many brands, employ repetition in their branding to enhance and retain consumer awareness. You can replicate this (with a much smaller budget) by using notepads.

This is known as the mere-exposure effect; Often prefer things because they are familiar with them, seeing them as more truthful and accurate.

In fact, because you’re regularly exposed to Coca-Cola’s marketing material, familiarity builds which leads to an increase in brand loyalty.

Therefore when your clients are routinely exposed to your corporate branding (i.e. when they go to jot something down on a notepad), you too, can to capitalise on that same concept and remain relevant in their minds, for longer.   


Give clients something they can take home and hold onto.

Notepads are a super handy tool that allow you to keep your business in the minds of potential clients well after a meeting has ended or a trade show has wrapped up.

Furthermore, due to the nature of their use, branded notepads have an extended consumption period; meaning that they will remain in the possession of clients long after other promotional materials have been lost and discarded.

In addition, custom notepads also ensure that your clients have ready access to your contact details over life of the notepad.

Learn more about how you can optimise your trade show experience by reading our blog post here.


Notepads are economical.

As far as promotional items go, notepads are among the most cost effective. This means that you can dedicate a more of your marketing budget to other components (Business cards, flyers, website, etc.) without sacrificing your conversion rates.


They’re good for productivity.

A strong corporate identity can significantly alter an employee’s perceptions of the workplace, helping to align their goals to those of the business itself.

Branded notepads, or specialised company writing pads can reinforce your business’s values and goals in the minds of your employees. This can aid in productivity and motivation that will help to see your business thrive.  

Furthermore, it’s much easier to jot down notes from an important client over the phone with a ready to go notepad.


Notepads are versatile.

Finally, if there’s a specific size or type of notepad you’re after, chances are it exists. For some businesses, a ‘shopping list’ style notepad may be what’s most appropriate for their customers. For others, mini notepads or custom- shaped notepads are in order.

Whatever product or service it is that your business offers, there’s an appropriate notepad we can supply to match.

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