Buraneer Bay Information Booklet

Information booklet.

Graphic Design

The start of Kindergarten is an exciting time for both students and their parents. Kindergarten Orientation Day signifies the launch of a child’s learning adventure and offers parents a first glance at the school’s culture. The main keepsake that Buraneer Bay hands out is their information booklet, which is given to all the new parents.

When we designed their latest yearbook, Emroy formed a strong relationship with Burraneer Bay. Deputy Principal, Yvonne Moss. Yvonne knew Emroy was ideal for the job because she had experienced first-hand the magical feeling of opening an Emroy-made yearbook for the first time. She knew the existing information booklet was missing the same “wow” factor.

Project lead, Emily, first made sure she understood Yvonne’s overall vision. Following their in-depth discussion, Emily already had a few ideas brewing on how to bring the redesign to life. First and foremost, a booklet with extensive information needs structure. This structure allows for easy navigation and readability. Emroy achieved this by incorporating multiple tried and tested methods to ensure the reader can quickly and easily find the specific information they are looking for.

Structure, of course, needs to be balanced by aesthetics. To ensure the final product was also a pleasure to read, Emily incorporated images of life at Burraneer Bay Public School. The photos offered the booklet a personalised touch that would help the reader experience more than just “text,” giving them a feel of what their child has to look forward to during their school years.

The end result is a functional and aesthetically pleasing booklet that allows important information to be easily accessible while reflecting the school’s vibrant personality and culture.

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