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Save the date! How to keep your brand relevant to your clients all year round


In spite of our ever-growing reliance on technology to plan, organise, and generally run our day to day lives, physical calendars have not only endured, but are in fact thriving. In 2015-2016 sales for decorative and non-planning calendars increased by 8 percent; and that’s just decorative. In that same period appointment books and planners grew by over 10 percent. So, clearly calendars are in.

But how can you and your business increase sales through these magic date tellers? Here’s our four top reasons why Calendars are good for your business and its branding.


Calendars offer incredible bang for your buck.

Calendars are typically something that we keep for at least a year. What this means is that for upwards of twelve months, your business: your logo and branding, are being displayed in your clients office space / building / home / etc. for all to see. That’s 12 months of advertising for the smallest of investments. This is yet another example of using the mere exposure effect to your advantage.

Additionally, calendars are a fantastic way to passively remind clients about important dates or milestones where your business might be of service. Are you a catering service? Incorporate messages like “Catering Order for Melbourne Cup due”. These act as a sort of micro “Call to Action” that can lead to some very easy sales.


If it doesn’t look good, don’t bother.

As always, good design is really important. No one, not even your most loyal client will hang up your branded calendar if it looks like garbage. To increase brand recognition, we recommend using the calendar to show off your business’s offerings in a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing way. If you’re a food services business, use each month to showcase a different food item which includes an ingredient you sell (Perhaps even include a recipe?). If you’re a mechanic, show off some really cool looking car parts.
However if you’re a plumber, maybe just stick to stock imagery

A gesture of goodwill.


Much like notepads, Calendars are a fantastic gift idea for clients around Christmas time; particularly if you want to say thankyou but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money. Include one with your Christmas card / some chocolates and bam! Christmas is sorted.

Again though, and I cannot stress this enough. Your calendar needs to look good for this to work. If it’s unappealing then it’s almost a slap in the face towards your clients. Think about that time a coworker or distant family member gave you that awful, awful sweater from their clothing label that is “totally going to take off!” If it actually looks and feels good, then sweet, you got something nice. But if you could have picked something better up off the side of the road, then you probably won’t be rushing to get them anything nice in the future.

Look after your clients, and they’ll look after you.


Selling to your internal customers (Staff)

As we touched on with notepads, Calendars are beneficial to productivity and selling your brand to internal customers (your staff). Branding requires a cumulative approach. No one element on its own is necessarily going to make you business of the year. But with the powers of all core elements combined, you might just have a shot. Just as with clients, a strong corporate identity can significantly alter an employee’s perceptions of the business. If you do this right, you’ve got a team who will more motivated and strongly about the brand and the company. If you do it wrong, that motivation will be like a candle in the wind.


Make 2019 the year of your business by nailing your branding and advertising. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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