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Creative, vibrant and intelligent, Sophie B’s talent stretches far beyond her technical photography skills. She approaches each shoot with a passion and enthusiasm that makes any individual instantly feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Our lead designer, Emily, first met Sophie in early 2020 at a networking event for Shire Women. When Covid-19 first hit NSW a few weeks later, and Sophie B required a new visual identity to launch ‘Sutherland Shire Open for Business,’ Emily and Emroy were top of mind.

While Sophie B Photography had an established brand identity, ‘Sutherland Shire Open for Business’ was rapidly becoming its own entity. As Sophie continued to photograph more and more faces behind local businesses, promoting them and their stories on social media, she knew the project required its own unique logo.

Emily worked with Sophie to create a new identity for Sutherland Shire Open for Business that offered a distinct change to the primary colours but used secondary colours that complimented her initial palette. By creating harmony and balance across the visual aspects, Emily ensured the two distinct identities worked in isolation but also worked together.

As Sutherland Shire Open for Business continued to evolve, Sophie B had well and truly outgrown her current DIY website. Emroy were in the final stages of launching a brand new website for IT company, Red Rhombus. They had used Sophie B Photography for their new corporate headshots. It was perfect timing as Sophie was in the process of searching for the right web team to execute her vision. Upon first glance at the Red Rhombus website, she knew Emroy was the perfect match.

Our lead designer, Emily worked with Sophie in the initial stages to understand her vision. Her website needed to accurately capture her personality, past experiences and wide scope of photography services. But one step further, it also needed to portray the right blend of sophistication and professionalism while showcasing Sophie B’s vibrant personality. Once the draft concept was sketched and enthusiastically approved by Sophie, Emily handed the project over to our in-house web developer, Josh. From there, Josh jumped right into transforming concepts and sketches into the demo website.

Once the demo website was underway, the team shifted their focus to the content. We worked very closely with Sophie to ensure her content not only packed a punch, but was consistent with her beans and tone of voice.

Full of so many creative ideas, Sophie B needed to work with a team that she could trust to provide unsolicited advice, helping her make tough decisions regarding imagery and content. We helped funnel down the content and imagery to the best parts, which would showcase her wide range of offerings concisely and cohesively.

Using the distinct colour palette that Emily had created for Sutherland Shire Open For Businesses in the initial stages, we ensured the project was a unique element with its own style and colour palette while remaining a cohesive part of the website.

The end result was a vibrant, functional and aesthetic website that showcased her extensive portfolio. It’s safe to say that Sophie was blown away with the result, sharing the website on her social media pages for everyone to see.

Click here to view Sophie B Photography’s new website.

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