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Transforming your business into a brand.

Your business’ brand should be a reflection of its culture and goals; the very essence of your business and what makes it tick. This is best expressed through seamless design and a well-oiled branding strategy. Our team have the know-how to create professional, consistent branding that will allow your business to thrive.

How we work

We believe in a harmonious balance between creativity, functionality and aesthetics. At Emroy Creative Group, we believe it’s important that we get to know you before we begin to handle something so delicate and important as your business. This includes your goals, business culture and what you plan for the future. With this knowledge in hand, our designers can mould and position your brand within the market whilst ensuring it’s in line with your creative vision.

Let’s write the next chapter of your business together

Brand audit

Our branding experts will sit down with you for a jam-packed, 30-minute brand evaluation session to work out what’s working and what isn’t.

Your customised roadmap

Based on the findings from our session, we’ll put together a customised roadmap for what needs to be done and start developing a plan .

Let’s implement it together

Once you’re ready, our expert team will get straight to work in repositioning you to exactly where you need to be in the market.

Logo design.

Logo design is vital to the overall image of your business or product – it’s the foundation of its visual identity. A tailored logo will help your business be perceived professionally and reign true to your business’ message – allowing you to attract the right customers, charge the prices you want, and most importantly, be remembered.

Furthermore, while your logo acts as the cornerstone of your branding, it is just the first step. Our full brand identity services can help extend your visual identity to ensure you remain consistent across all mediums.



As time goes by your business will evolve. You may have changed your products and services, your market may have evolved, or you may wish to position your brand into a different price range.

Depending on your business needs our team can either overhaul your entire brand identity or tweak a few things for a refresh. You can rest assured that every piece of work will remain cohesive to your business’ identity and ring true to your core messaging.


Identity design and roll out.

At Emroy Creative Group we offer brand roll-out packages which are tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts will prepare a customised roll-out guide to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Additionally, as we handle everything in-house – design, print, web, and content – our custom packages can help your business save time and money.


Naming and taglines.

You’ve got this great business idea, but now you need to come up with a name. Your business’ name is the first critical thing that potential customers will acknowledge about your brand. Likewise, the name you choose should encapsulate the essence of your business or product, providing customers with a seamless understanding of what you have to offer.

In contrast a tagline is generally a broad statement of the services your business offers; setting the theme of your business and emulating your core message.

Your business’s or product name and tagline must also resonate with potential clients to ensure success for your business. Our team at Emroy Creative Group can help you in developing the ideal name and tagline for your business or product.


Style guides.

A style guide acts as a brand manual for your business, allowing you to keep your branding consistent across all teams, organisations and mediums. It ensures your business’ unique style is applied consistently across your organisation.

A style manual includes all the basic aspects of your business’ identity. This includes typefaces, colour pallets, logo usage, photographic style, print textures, print stock, general layout and tone of voice.

At Emroy Creative Group we understand that each business is unique and has different needs. Therefore, we tailor inclusions for your style guide based on your preferences.


Brand management.

Finally, Emroy Creative Group has the scope and the know-how to act as the central hub for your different departments, ensuring that your brand is kept consistent across the board. Our skilled account managers can act as a conduit between key stakeholders to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to and maintained.

Our versatile team works with businesses of all sizes; from large multinational companies down to small businesses and solo operators. As a consequence, our tailored solutions are both affordable and practical for businesses of all sizes.


What makes our designers perfect for you?

Australian Based​

We're proud to boast that our entire team is based in Australia. We never outsource any of our work overseas. This allows our team to work collaboratively & efficiently.

A team of experts

Design is a highly specialised field with specific requirements for each medium. Your work will always be completed by a qualified & trained specialist.

Results-based design

Our graphic designers offer a potent blend of creativity, functionality and consistency. With a strong focus on crafting results-based design.

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