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Let's transform your business into a brand.

So you’ve ticked all the right boxes, you have an in-demand product or service, a proven business model, a hard-working team – but there’s just something that’s holding you back.
It could be that logo you designed in a rush when you first launched (it’s okay, we forgive you), or maybe your ‘look and feel’ was due for a refresh five or so years ago (how retro of you.)
Whatever situation you’re facing, you’re going to need a brand that defines who your business is, shows what it stands for, and, most importantly, persuades customers to engage.
A brand that inspires is a brand that will succeed. “But how do I make it inspiring?” I hear you ask.
Thankfully, our passionate (and cheeky) team are here to inspire and join you in your journey from transforming your business into a brand.
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What makes Emroy a leading brand specialist?

A complete holistic perspective

By combining the expertise of our multi-disciplined team, we create brands that are functional and aesthetic.

Simple becomes memorable

We keep things simple and honest, delivering unforgettable outcomes in spite of challenging situations.

Proven agency success

Agencies come and go these days. We’ve been helping businesses for 10+ years, so you know we’re here to stay.

100% Australian based​

We never outsource our work overseas. Our team works side by side in our collaborative Sydney office.

Our core branding services

Hear what our clients say.

When I first met with Emroy, we realised immediately that Infraworks needed more than just a website update and then the journey began. If your brand needs a refresh or your digital presence requires a facelift, you need to speak to Emroy.
Michael Olsen
I have genuinely enjoyed working with Emroy. They have been fantastic in helping us navigate our way through a major rebrand. The personalised service, attention to detail and clear strategies are second to none.
Jonathan Polyblank
Hyworth Forklifts
I asked Emroy to help me with the rebranding of my business. They helped me find the best way to give a clear message to my potential clients about what my business is about. Beautifully designed product, top quality service.
Julianna Nagy
Horizon Accounts

Are you ready to be our next success story?

It's time to take the first step towards building a brand that works.

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Suites 2-5/838 Old Princes Highway
Sutherland NSW 2232


9am - 5:30pm
Monday to Friday

We respond quickly.

Branding FAQs.

A brand archetype helps define your brand character, which inspires the decision behind external elements such as tone of voice, colour palettes and font choice. Your brand personality may fall into several categories which can be used in combination to establish your brand identity.

Developing branding strategies first involves developing an understanding of your business, its long term goals and then forming a roadmap to achieve those objectives.

Branding allows you to build relationships with customers which can translate into customer loyalty and advocacy, both essential ingredients in growing your business. 

Brand name generators offer convenience but very limited value. The name of your brand is what a customer will use to refer to you, remember you and recommend you. It should be something that reflects your values and what you stand for. A computer-generated outcome won’t have the same strategic thinking and planning behind it, failing to resonate with your target audience.

When comparing branding and logos, branding is a more holistic approach to how your business is perceived by a customer and is the overarching image of your business. In comparison, your logo is only one part of your brand identity. 

Your branding will form a customer’s perception of your company, whereas your logo is a unique graphic mark that a customer will use to remember your brand.

A memorable brand goes hand in hand with a successful logo design. Successful logos are immediately recognisable, reflecting a brands identity in the form of colour, shape and text. Your logo is a blend of your company’s vision, culture and values, so it is imperative to get it right. With the perfect, customised logo, your brand will stand out and attract the attention of the right audience.

A branding strategy is a long-term commitment to your business. It involves establishing your values, vision, mission statement and goals and translating them into your businesses’ name, style guide, logo etc. Branding needs to occur well before marketing begins and is the groundwork for developing a successful business.  

In comparison, your marketing strategy serves as the roadmap to promoting your brand for a set period of time.