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Graphic Design Retainers

Have you ever wanted an on-demand team of specialists to give your organisation that professional edge?

Effective and memorable communication is a basic requirement for any organisation that wishes to compete in a modern business environment. Hence, as 90 percent of the information consumers absorb is visual, graphic design is used throughout all aspects of communication.

With so many different platforms, mediums, formats and techniques involved in visual content creation, it is important each project component is completed by a designer who is specialised in that respective field.

It takes a team of designers. So let our team act as an extension of yours.

How does the graphic design retainer works?

When put under a Graphic Design Retainer, our pricing is not based on an hourly rate. Instead, all typical design assets (such as a flyer, brochure, letterhead, etc.) are assigned a point value and you will be given a monthly allowance of points that you can spend on whichever design asset you require.

Now your organisation can reap all the benefits of having your own design team, without the associated overheads. Our retainer packages are fully transparent, cost-effective and easy to understand, meaning you can effectively budget for other business opportunities and expenses.

How can our retainers benefit you?

Reduced Pricing icon

Reduced pricing

On average, our retainer package pricing works out to be around 15-20 percent lower than ordering on an ad hoc basis.

Priority Scheduling icon

Priority scheduling

We believe in rewarding our clients’ loyalty and will prioritise your retainer work over other ad hoc work.

Simple invoicing icon

Simple invoicing

Every month, you’ll receive a single invoice outlining the list of tasks we have completed for you in that period.

experts icon

Your team of experts

Our multidisciplinary team is on hand to help with any graphic design query or issue your organisation might have.

account manager icon

Dedicated account manager

To maximise efficiency, your organisation will be assigned one point of contact for all orders and queries.

Interested? Let’s have a chat

As an Emroy client, you will benefit from our combined strengths; a potent blend of creativity, technical competence and industry experience. At all times when working with clients, we aim to keep things stress-free and hassle-free.

Phone: 02 9545 5291
Email: contact@emroy.com.au
Suites 2-5 / 838 Old Princes Hwy Sutherland NSW 2232