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Email marketing

Target your clients with email advertising

Sending a targeted email message to a prospective client is a great way to gain their interest. Additionally, your EDM is more than just advertising, as you can also deliver a personalised message and provide them with a clear call to action. Furthermore, email marketing is cost-effective, measurable and successful for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Email marketing that works.

Emroy Creative Group specialises in professional, high-quality, effective email marketing campaigns. Email advertising, or EDM (electronic direct marketing), has proven benefits to cost-effectively boost your business and allowing you to track your business sales in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Catch your potential clients’ attention!

Our team at Emroy Creative Group design attention-grabbing EDMs, email newsletters and template designs customised to your business’ current and prospective clients. This way you can ensure your EDMs don’t go unread!

What makes our email marketing so effective?

Goal oriented

We take the time to work with you to develop actionable and achievable for your email marketing campaigns.

Responsive Design

Our email marketing campaigns strike the perfect balance between creativity, aesthetics and functionality.

Easily trackable

Our campaigns have tracking included by default. This helps you to keep track of what's working and replicate it.

Get a quick estimate.

We pride ourselves on our quick quote turnaround times.

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