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4 surprisingly simple ways of gaining more word of mouth sales

Word of mouth sales are driven by customer satisfaction, trust, and brand loyalty. Most people think word of mouth sales come from merely doing a great job and waiting for people to tell their friends about their business. In reality, it’s a little more complicated than that!

For frequent word of mouth sales, you need to stay in regular contact with your customers and maintain top-of-mind awareness. If a business has top-of-mind awareness it means that it is the first product in customers minds when thinking of a particular industry.

We’ve prepared a list of the most effective ways to stay top-of-mind with your customers and drive word of mouth sales.

1. Distribute regular printed newsletters.

It might sound old fashioned, but newsletters continue to stand the test of time. Even with the advent of social media, regularly published newsletters continue to prove effective at creating and maintaining top-of-mind awareness.

An effective newsletter should offer your target audience something interesting, useful, or funny to read whilst promoting your business’ image through clever placement of ads and your branding.

2. Hand out business cards like candy!

There’s a reason you get thousands of business cards printed out – you want them to be disposable and easy to let go of! Remember to give your business card to any potential clients you meet. Even if you think they don’t need your services, you instantly create top-of-mind awareness which will lead to word of mouth sales.

For more information on what you should include on your business card, click here.

3. Maintain an active presence on social media.

This is arguably the most effective way of creating top-of-mind awareness available today. Think of the amount of times an average socially connected individual checks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram per day and you’ll see why it’s important to keep up regular activity on as many forms of social media as possible.

4. Stay in regular contact

Always follow up with a phone call or email after you have finished working with your client, and then schedule another follow up in for one to three months afterwards. This helps bring your product or service back to the forefront of your customers mind.

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