Here’s the simple (and often overlooked) tip to make your advertising flyers effective

When it comes to advertising, especially in print, the options you have to target potential or repeat clients are enormous – each option has its pros and cons and can result in varying degrees of success in different applications. I’m going to fill you in on a really simple, and often overlooked tip to make your advertising flyer effective.

Flyers, in a nutshell, are intended to be mass-produced and distributed as widely as possible. As such, your response and conversion rate is going to be lower than say, a targeted direct mail¬†campaign. But that’s OK, flyers are incredibly cheap to produce so the shotgun approach is definitely appropriate and very effective.

With the wider distribution net of flyers and the likelihood, the recipient may not be specifically looking for what you are selling. Keep your main core message short, catchy and to the point. Briefly tell the recipient why they should purchase whatever you are selling.

This may even involve you artificially creating a demand for your product. You can do this by presenting them with a problem they didn’t realise or pay much attention to having, then show how you can solve it.

The rest of your flyer should focus on elements to supplement this core message. For example bright, vibrant colours, images that help draw attention to either the problem or the heading itself and of course, a call to action that makes them want to act as soon as possible.