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How to make your corporate profile generate leads

We all know how important making a lasting first impression is with new connections and new leads, however, it’s sometimes hard to work out specifically what to send that will give your introductory message a little more bang. That’s what a corporate profile is for. When done correctly, a corporate profile will generate leads and boost the conversion rates of new connections exponentially! Here’s how to make a killer one.

Let’s begin with what a corporate profile is

An overview of your business and at the very least will normally cover business introduction, history, key people, target markets, mission statement, capability reports, products, services and contact information.

Typically, corporate profiles are distributed either internally, to potential investors/lenders, and most importantly – to potential customers. Each is normally tailored slightly for the intended market. In this article, we’ll be covering the corporate profile you send to new contacts.

Here’s why you need one

When you make a new connection, whether it’s through a word of mouth referral or a new connection on Linkedin, the corporate profile is normally sent with the initial contact or not long after. Your goal is to capture your target’s interest with the initial opener, such as using a captivating elevator pitch and then prompt them to read more about you in your corporate profile. Quite often, it’s very tempting to open an attachment and then you’ve got a captive audience, waiting for your message. Here’s how you can make yours generate more leads.

Use bold, solid and eye-catching colours

Corporate profiles are marketing items and they need to be treated as such when they are being designed. Colours help sell your message – set the correct tone and interestingly, it will work to help readership retention. Not sure what colours to use? Check out our blog post on the psychology behind colours. Don’t forget – it’s important that your collateral must always stay on brand for consistency and recognition.

Use as many pictures as possible

Pictures that compliment the wording in your corporate profile help reinforce the message you are trying to sell. They also help the content feel lighter and less bulky.

Make the text skim worthy

Some people won’t read all the text, but it’s important they get the general gist of what’s being said. Keep the text as short as possible, use plenty of paragraphs and succinct headings that summarise the text that follows. Pull quotes and bold statements are also an effective tool for highlighting key messages, as well as adding visual interest and contrast to the content.

Have it proofread

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can make a beautiful looking piece appear very unprofessional. Therefore, a professionally proofread corporate profile is essential to generate leads.

Include your contact details (including social media)

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how often contact details are forgotten. In addition, include appropriate social media links, as we discussed in this blog.

Never, ever forget the call to action

Finally, prompt your readers to take the next step and engage your company with a captivating call to action that works. Need some tips on writing one? Read our post here.

Ready to start boosting your conversions with a corporate profile that generates leads? Our talented designers are ready to help! Get in contact here.

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