How to raise money for your school yearbook

Discover effective and fun ways to raise money for your school yearbook. Engage your community with creative fundraiser ideas for your school.

Raising money for school events and yearbooks can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can create memorable events and a yearbook that everyone will cherish by engaging students, parents, and the community. Here are some creative ideas to get you started.

How much do you budget for your school yearbook?

Every school approaches its yearbook differently. Some raise all funds upfront and then give the yearbooks away for free to their students and families. Others raise money to cover the cost of professional yearbook design and then sell each yearbook to cover the cost of printing.

Before you begin, plan how much money you need to raise. A goal will motivate and help inspire the school community with a common purpose.

Yearbook fundraising ideas

Find sponsors for your yearbook

Reach out to local businesses and offer advertisement space in the yearbook. Sponsorship packages can include different ad sizes and placements, allowing businesses to support your school while promoting their services.

Run a school talent show

A talent show is a great way to showcase the diverse talents of students and staff. To raise funds, charge a small admission fee and sell refreshments.

Run a school talent show

Host a book fair featuring popular titles and educational resources. Partner with local bookstores or online retailers to provide a wide selection. Offer discounts and organise author visits to draw in more attendees.

Organise a sports/carnival day

Organise a sports day with various activities and competitions. Charge participation fees and set up stalls selling snacks and drinks.

Run a school bake sale

A classic bake sale is always a hit. Have students and parents donate baked goods and set up a stall at a busy location within the school. Advertise in advance to ensure a good turnout.

Sell custom merchandise

Create and sell bespoke merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs. These items can feature school logos or yearbook themes and are great keepsakes for students and parents.

Run themed events

Host themed events like movie nights, talent shows, or dances. Charge an entry fee and sell concessions. These events are fun for students and can contribute to yearbook funds.

Have an art auction

Organise an art auction featuring pieces created by students and local artists. This event raises money and showcases the school community’s artistic talents.

Organise a car wash

A car wash is a tried-and-true fundraiser. Get students involved and promote the event through social media and local flyers.

Sell yearbook space to parents

Sell advertising space in the yearbook to parents and guardians. Offer various sizes and placements to fit different budgets. Parents can add custom notes of encouragement for their children.

Create a school breakfast centre

Open a breakfast centre before school starts. Sell coffee, pastries, and other breakfast items. This can become a regular source of funds and a social hub for students.

Setup a school photobooth

Set up a photo booth at school events. Charge a small fee for each session and provide fun props. For a unique touch, include these photos in the yearbook.

Yearbook pre-sale

Offer discounted pre-sale prices for the yearbook. Encourage early purchases by bundling the yearbook with other merchandise or offering special deals.


With a bit of creativity and help from the community, raising funds for yearbooks can be enjoyable and successful. Try these ideas and watch as your school spirit and community support grow.

These ideas are great fundraisers for your school. They can greatly assist the yearbook committee in creating a memorable and high-quality yearbook.