How you can make your advertising more effective by stimulating senses

Have you ever walked out of a store, not entirely sure why you just purchased something?

None of us should be a stranger to the confusing aftermath of an impulse buy like this. In fact, it’s more likely that by looking around your home, you could explain why you don’t need some of the things you own better than why you purchased them.

One may have even gone as far as to think that, at that moment, they were out of their mind. The funny thing is that this wouldn’t be far from the truth. Stimulation of senses or, an appeal to your unconscious mind is often driving your behaviour as a consumer.

Sensory Marketing

Gone are the days when marketing tactics rely on concrete product factors to attract consumers. By relating to people in a far more personal way, sensory marketing utilises stimuli to activate senses and encourage them to act according to emotional impulses, to buy a product. Not because of what it is but, because of the way it makes them feel. Regardless of whether it is more expensive.

It is for the same reason human-like personalities are created in brands; to create brand loyalty through the good thoughts and feelings encouraged by a brand’s image.

Senses stimulate emotions

People are more likely to choose one product over another on the basis of a stimulating of senses. Such is why Millenials still prefer physical books over their digital version because of the emotional attachment that comes with owning, holding and using a physical thing. Like using a particular brand can make consumers feel positive and as though they belong to a part of a larger group, the sound, smell and tactile experience of a book stimulates a sense of fondness, self and belonging in users.

Senses stimulate memory

People also remember more when they use a combination of their senses. 30-40% of people are tactile, meaning they will process, register and remember things better when they are touching them. But the benefits far outweigh an increased ability to remember. By being able to physically touch your advertisement, they will build a sense of trust with your brand – unparalleled by any other medium.

So how can you connect with your prospects physically?

The reason print outperforms so many other mediums with its ability to convert customers is it allows for boundless creativity and arousal of feeling – and the stimulation of tactile senses.

If your goal is to build trust, increased conversion rates and quicker sales, print advertising needs to be part of your arsenal.