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Hyworth Forklifts

Complete rebrand.

Creative leads:

Jackson Brownhill for marketing strategy;
Emily Olguin for brand development;
Rodrigo Pepino for website development.


Brand strategy and guidance;
Visual identity development;
Website development;
Marketing strategy and development.

In 2006 “Aussie Forklift Hire” was launched by Jonathan Polybank. He had a singular goal in mind, and that was to introduce a fresh, customer focus and solution-oriented alternative into a relatively stale industry. His dedication, experience and unyielding goal of going above and beyond for his customers helped him consistently grow.

But as many businesses do, when he launched, Jonathan didn’t pay much attention to his brand. As the marketplace grew more crowded overtime customer attrition started to build and competitors with similar names and colour palettes began launching, triggering an influx of client feedback that clients were confusing his brand with its competitors. 

Fearful that his current brand, Aussie Forklift Hire, was causing him to lose current and potential clients to competitors, Jonathan approached us with a mission to fix it. 

By adopting a “ground up” approach, our team combined their skills to create a comprehensive plan to propel the business forward with a new brand.

For Emily, our lead designer, this involved extensive market research and a detailed assessment of the business’ current brand, customers and competitors to help guide informed decisions on a new identity that captures the core of the business.

For Jackson this was the development of a marketing strategy aimed at significantly distinguishing Hyworth from its competitors, promoting long term forklift hire and boosting brand awareness of its new image, while retaining their previous customer base. 

Combining their expertise, the design and marketing team duo presented Jonathan with a finalised identity, brand book, tagline, a completely new website and social media identity and complimentary promotional materials.

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