Hyworth Forklifts

The evolution of “Aussie Forklift Hire” to “Hyworth Forklifts.”​

Aussie Forklift Hire, launched by Jonathan Polybank in 2006, found itself in a challenging position despite having a stellar reputation and loyal customer base. Competitors with similar names and identities began creeping into the market, confusing potential and even some existing customers!

It was clear Aussie Forklift Hire needed a brand and a new approach to marketing (which is a course of action that should never be taken lightly.) There are many moving parts that all need to work in unison, and the launch typically needs to happen while the business is still actively trading. Any hiccup along the way could result in frustrated, or even lost customers.

Just retaining market share wasn’t enough for Jonathan. He wanted growth and a lot of it (he wouldn’t be working with Emroy if he was the kind of business owner that settled for mediocrity).

Unbeknownst to all of us, however, this was going to be our most challenging brand rollout to date with two major lockdowns and the economic fallout associated with the pandemic.

However, Hyworth and the Emroy team rallied and adapted to every challenge the pandemic threw at us despite the challenges. A crucial component of our success for Hyworth was our ability to remain agile and rapidly adapt to opportunities. As our team is all in house, we can coordinate our schedules quickly, and if all hands are needed on deck to get something done, we can make it happen.

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