Should you include social media links on your offline advertising?

We get this question a lot from our clients, whether or not they should include their social media links on their offline advertising, things like business cards, flyers, posters etc. In this article, we’ll cover how it can benefit and supplement your advertising and how it can at times, be detrimental.

When you should

In last week’s article, we covered building trust with your target market and one of the key takeaways from that article was that one of the many ways for your brand to become recognisable and therefore trusted is to be seen as often as possible, on as many platforms as possible. Therefore, to amplify your marketing and advertising efforts, we strongly recommend you put your social media on as much of your advertising collateral as possible.

When you shouldn’t

It’s best not to include social media sites that aren’t updated frequently. Active and engaging social media can help build social proof, but it can have a negative effect if your clients visit your social media sites and they are inactive.

You also don’t need to include every single social media account if it’s not relevant to the target market receiving the material. For example, Snapchat hasn’t yet made great inroads into the 40+ market, so if you are targeting that demographic in your campaign, you can leave your Snapchat links out.

Further reading

If including social media links in your advertising is suitable for your business, we’ve written an article on how best to integrate them here.

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