Jason Clare MP Now has a website that

matches his stellar reputation.

Jason Clare MP is the dedicated representative of Blaxland in Western Sydney and the Minister for Education in the Albanese Labor Government. As a prominent and accomplished party member, his outdated website needed a facelift to make Jason and his message more accessible to a broader audience.

The challenge

The existing website needed to be updated, and Jason’s accomplishments and objectives needed much more prominence (and trust us, he has many proud achievements to showcase!)

Furthermore, the Labor Party’s branding has evolved since the website’s last update, causing potential confusion for visitors. Our challenge was to create a website that balanced a timeless yet simple design, easy navigation, and fast loading times while matching the current Labor Party brand.

Our approach

We engaged in a series of comprehensive meetings with their team to deeply understand their priorities and critical objectives, providing a solid foundation for us when designing the prototype. We collaborated along the way with Jason’s team to ensure the prototype matched their vision, and we used our extensive experience to make practical suggestions. Multiple members of the Emory team with various specialties were involved to ensure a holistic and well-rounded approach.

As we were so in sync with Jason’s team, the prototype was approved with minor revisions, allowing us to jump right into the website build with minimal back and forth. As the website was transitioning from one CMS to another, a significant amount of content needed migrating. As reliable as these migrations often are, due to the nature of the content, we decided to do a manual check to ensure everything came over. (Luckily, we did, as there were a few hiccups with the migration) but we were able to iron those out quickly.

With the dev site approved, we seamlessly transitioned the site live with no noticeable downtime.

The results

Positive client feedback: Jason’s Digital Media Adviser, Joshua Crawford called the website “the best ministerial website I’ve seen”, setting a new standard.

Minimal downtime: The transition to a live site was seamless, with all bugs ironed out before the official launch.

Brilliant first impression: The website now accurately reflects Jason’s professionalism, highlighting his role as the Minister for Education and unwavering dedication to the Australian public.

Reflects current branding: The website is now modern, easily accessible, and simple to navigate, and most importantly, it reflects Labor’s current brand

Easy to maintain: The ease of uploading media releases, speeches, and articles was prioritised, making it a hassle-free process for Jason’s team.