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Frequently asked questions

Ethical design is focused on ensuring design decisions are made abiding by ethical and moral behaviours. One example is understanding and following rules around plagiarism and copywriting. At Emroy, we conduct thorough training and follow stringent guidelines to ensure all the work we complete is ethically bound.

When it comes to design decisions, it is important to understand and abide by copyright guidelines. However, it is important to know that not all graphic design is entitled to copyright. For example, information, techniques, ideas, concepts, and styles are not protected by copyright.

In a case where there is no supplied imagery, stock imagery is a legal way to source and pay for relevant imagery online.

Your logo design represents your company. It plays an important role in building brand recognition and brand awareness. While logos can be created in various ways, a professional branding agency knows how to take you through the process to ensure your logo design is consistent with your brand’s values and is relevant to your target audience.

Covid-19 has changed the nature of graphic design in many ways. In a positive light, Covid-19 saw the role of data visualisation become increasingly important. Graphic design allowed scientific information to be presented in a way that could be easily interpreted around the world.

To obtain protection for a design under the Designs Act, you need to lodge a design application via the Designs Office at IP Australia. It is important to remember that copyright doesn’t protect designers against ideas, styles, concepts, or techniques.