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Measure sales in print marketing with these 5 simple tips

Harness the power of print marketing with these 5 simple ways to measure ROI

It's no secret that effective marketing uses a variety of mediums to reach its audience. With a long shelf life and high response rate, it’s equally no surprise that print media has long been one of the key ingredients to a successful strategy.

Users of print marketing can now boost its effectiveness even further by using a whole host of ways to track their ROI (return on investment).

Here are some of the ways you can measure, and consistently elevate, the success of your print marketing.

Use a unique phone number

Easily measure sales throughout the campaign and determine the return on investment by setting up a unique phone number. This can take no time at all and will help you track how many people contact you from a specific campaign seamlessly.
Any enquiries relating to the campaign are directed to that trackable number. Hot tip: Keep this number active for as long as possible after the campaign as response times can vary (The life of printed material it’s not short-lived like what is thrown out into the digital abyss).

Create a custom landing page or tracking URL

Creating a custom landing page for a specific campaign will help you track the number of curious visitors you attract with the help of any standard analytics software. Our personal favourite (and recommendation) is Google Analytics.

You could build a custom tracking URL right now if you wanted to! There are a lot of great benefits to creating a unique URL, but in terms of what we’re talking about here, you can use this method to track which visitors came from each specific advertisement.

Ask the question, how did you find us?

You’d be surprised at how many customers are willing to offer this information when asked. When dealing with new enquiries, just casually ask how the customer heard about your business. We have found having a drop-down on contact forms that asks this question can reveal the sneaky success of a print advertisement. This is a simple and effective way to measure sales.

Discount codes

Discount codes don’t just provide benefits to the customer, they can also benefit your business. For instance, whenever the recipient of a coupon is instructed to enter a special code online to receive their discount, you can track which people engaged with that advertisement. Alternatively, you may ask the customer to bring the advertisement in-store to redeem an offer. As they receive a discount or special offer using the code, they will be more inspired to actually use it. Allowing you to track sales more easily.

Measure sales volume

If you don’t have other active campaigns, another way to measure sales is to manually track sales volume. Once your print campaign goes live, you may notice improvements in sales or daily website traffic. It may be beneficial to temporarily pause other campaigns to measure sales accurately. After that, you can monitor if new customers or sales occur as a result of your print campaign.

In simple terms, print advertisements drive action.

Don’t let print marketing be the missing component of your top-notch campaign. If you’re interested in learning how to effectively diversify your marketing strategy reach out to our team of experts for some guidance.