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Measure sales in print marketing with these 5 simple tips

Measure sales in print marketing with these 5 simple tips

In the digital age, print marketing offers an opportunity for consumers to “unplug”. Readers are more likely to actively engage with print materials and take action. What this means is that print needs to be a key component of your campaign. However, when compared with digital marketing, it may seem difficult to track the return on investment (ROI) in print marketing. As with all marketing, it is essential to track the ROI and measure sales to ensure a campaign is generating revenue. After all, a campaign is only worthwhile if it turns a profit.

Use a unique phone number

Setting up a unique phone number helps track how many people contact you from a specific campaign. Any enquiries relating to the campaign are directed to the trackable number. By doing this, you can easily measure sales throughout the campaign and determine the return on investment. It is important to keep this number active for as long as possible after the campaign, as response times can vary.

Create a custom landing page or tracking URL

Creating a custom landing page for a specific campaign can help you track the number of visitors via your standard analytics software. Our recommended tool is Google analytics. You can build a custom tracking URL using their builder here. By creating a unique URL, you can track which visitors came from each specific advertisement.

Ask the question, how did you find us?

Most customers are surprisingly willing to offer this information when asked. Therefore, when dealing with new enquiries, it would be beneficial to casually ask how the customer heard about your business. In addition, having a drop-down on contact forms which asks a similar question can help track sales on a print advertisement. This is a simple and effective way to measure sales.

Coupon codes

Coupon codes can provide benefits to both the customer and your business. For instance, instructing the recipient to enter a specific code online to receive a discount. By using a coupon code, you can track which people engaged with the advertisement. Alternatively, you may ask the customer to bring the advertisement in-store to redeem an offer. As they receive a discount or special offer using the code, they will be more inspired to actually use it. Allowing you to track sales more easily.

Measure sales volume

If you don’t have other active campaigns, you can manually track sales volume. Once your print campaign goes live, you may notice improvements in sales or daily website traffic. It may be beneficial to temporarily pause other campaigns to measure sales accurately. After that, you can monitor if new customers or sales occur as a result of your print campaign.

Print advertisements drive action. Don’t let print marketing be the missing component of your top-notch campaign. Let us do the tracking for you to ensure your get the “bang for your buck”. Reach out to us for expert marketing advice today.

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