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Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College

2019 Yearbook Design.


Concept development
Graphic design and typesetting
Print production

Located in North Sydney, Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College is an independent Roman Catholic high school for young women. As an organisation that prides itself on its ability to foster the leadership potential of young women, it is essential that the professional design of their yearbook mirror their elite reputation.


Inspired by their prestige, Monte approached us with a vision to redesign and modernise their existing yearbook to reflect their continuing pursuit of educational excellence.

In previous years the yearbook had been an internal project, meaning there was a great opportunity to revitalise its previous template with a new design. The requested time frame – design beginning mid-March to be delivered in early June – was also short for a yearbook of 172 pages. This created an equal focus on the turnaround of content, requiring seamless communication between parties.

To meet their request with such a tight timeframe, lead designer Daniel decided to re-build the template to follow strict guidelines regarding layout and structure. This way, the placement of almost all of the content could be predicted; designed and laid out even before it was submitted in the form of placeholder page furniture. Strict word counts for each of the sections were also set to ensure the layout was prepared accordingly, leaving only the need for minor adjustments when the final text was placed in.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there were a series of late submissions of content and therefore the project deadline had to be pushed back. This did not however hinder the overall quality of the yearbook as the result was an immaculate publication upholding the same high-standard as its reputation.

The client really appreciated our room for flexibility in terms of production and delivery and has since shared an interest in outsourcing a range of other publications to us. Overall it was a well celebrated achievement for both parties.

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