Not getting the engagement you need on your content? Here’s how you can motivate readers to act

Often called the ‘Information Age’, there is no disputing that the time we live in considers information as everything.

With the internet at our disposal, content is everywhere and answers to our problems are just a click or two away. But, what is often underestimated is the role that copy-editing can play in how consumers choose what content to trust.

What is copy-editing?

Copy-editing is like a style guide for words. As its simplistic name suggests, this type of editing does include editing in the ordinary sense as it is a process ensuring content has the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. However, copy-editing also goes a step beyond these basic mechanics.

Just like effective branding is no longer determined only by a business’s individual visual aspects, copy-editing is not just an individual way of proofreading content. It is a tool that ensures every written word appears mistake-free and altogether professional, and the content in question clearly supports the business’s goals that they are trying to communicate.

In other words, if an individual piece of content was a bone, copy-editing examines the entire skeleton. By assessing the consistency of visuals, spacing, typeface and tone, copy-editing ensures that all the content a business produces works together harmoniously. Its process is an important part of creating brand consistency and how a company creates a distinct voice and personality that a consumer can trust.

So why does a business need copy-editing?

The right choice and use of words can make all the difference to a sales pitch, and a punchy call-to-action can be a real game-changer. Professional copy editors are skilled at looking over content to ensure it skilfully articulates a business’s offering and motivates the reader to act.

In other words, as a consumer’s first impression of a business, its copy needs to perform. Prospective clients’ time is valuable and in a saturated market, a business has limited opportunity to make an impact. If a headline isn’t catchy enough or an opening paragraph doesn’t hook the reader, potential clients will simply look elsewhere.

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