Penola Catholic College

School yearbook project management, design and publication

For many years, Emroy has worked with the team at Penola to create their annual school yearbook. As much as we love all our clients equally, the Penola team has a special place in our hearts.

Our deep connection with the school has enabled us to create authentic yearbook designs which capture Penola’s vibrant school culture and values of courage, compassion, hope and integrity.

When Penola first approached Emroy, they were looking for something that seemed pretty easy on the surface, but in the world of publications can be quite hard – Penola wanted simplicity.

To achieve this goal, they required a proactive team with the specialised expertise to design and print an engaging publication that reflected the most exciting accomplishments of the school year. Furthermore, the yearbooks needed to be delivered on time (not an easy task when the publication relies on so many content contributors!)

Naturally, our custom-built project management approach, unique to Emroy and strategically designed to streamline projects like this, was the perfect fit for Penola.

As the process is so powerful, the Penola team and Emroy were able to spend less time stressing about deadlines, timelines, task management and more time focusing on what’s essential – producing a gorgeous yearbook that students, teachers and parents love.

“Year after year, the team at Emroy have continued to impress us with their attention to detail and high level of expertise. They somehow manage to not only capture our school’s branding perfectly but also encapsulate our students’ memories in a richly creative and engaging publication of superior quality.”Jessica Alvarez – Penola’s Marketing and Development Officer

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