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Penola Catholic College

2019 yearbook.

Penola Catholic College is a 7-12 co-educational school with a strong learning culture. As clients of Emroy Creative Group since 2018, we have been able to use the professional design of their yearbook to mirror their consistent pursuit of excellence in modern learning. Consequently, we have seen their marketing collateral grow and flourish each year.


On account of our increasingly strong partnership, project lead Daniel has been able to consistently extract an authentic ‘look and feel’ from Penola’s branding identity, and seamlessly incorporate it into its pages. ‘It’s my job to use design in exactly the right way – to tailor a professional aesthetic that will showcase the student’s hard work while communicating how Penola has facilitated that’, he says. 

For the 2019 edition, the school contacted us with a request to produce an engaging publication that reflected the most exciting and modernising accomplishments of their new school year.

This goal wasn’t without its challenges. Due to limited access to high-resolution imagery for certain faculties, the internal team at Penola needed assistance with photo editing and enhancement. Also, certain school events weren’t scheduled until later in the year, which meant that not all of the yearbook’s content could be documented and shared upfront. 

As this staged process of content collection would put pressure on the Penola staff to meet their tight deadline, our team was able to sign them up to our unique project management process from the outset. By encouraging them to adopt our finely-tuned approach we could ensure that the final product would meet all of the client’s expectations. 

The result, the project concluded on time, on budget and on the mark. Thanks to Emroy Creative Group’s ability to provide a structured approach to a time-sensitive situation, and open communication whenever it was needed, the new yearbook was a success.

“Year after year, the team at Emroy have continued to impress us with their attention to detail and high level of expertise. They somehow manage to not only capture our school’s branding perfectly but also encapsulate our students’ memories in a richly creative and engaging publication of superior quality.”Jessica Alvarez – Penola’s Marketing and Development Officer

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