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School diaries

School diaries that can take the rough ‘n’ tumble!

School diaries are used every day but they need to last a whole year.

At Emroy Creative Group, we coil-bind them so they don’t fall apart. Coil binding is flexible and keeps its shape, so even if pages are torn out, the diary will stay intact. Backpacks, cluttered desk drawers and busy hands are no match for our school diaries.

Schools love Emroy Creative Group. We make the whole process of ordering diaries easy, from design right through to production.

Oh, and we always score an ‘A+’ for punctuality because we deliver on time.

school diaries



Full-page week layout

Miniature calendar

Large notes section

Week goals column

Bible verse / motivational verse

School logo / crest

modern school diary
soft curves school diary

Soft curves.

Full-page week layout

Miniature calendar

Small notes section

Events schedule

Bible verse / motivational verse

Word of the week

School logo / crest


Full-page week layout

Miniature calendar

Medium notes section

Bible verse / motivational verse

Word & quote of the week

Week goals table

Tutor / parent sign-off area

School logo / crest

energetic diary
minimalist school diary


Week layout, double page spread

Small notes section

Daily mood meter

School logo / crest


Once you've chosen your diary style we will book you into our production schedule.


Next, send us all relevant diary information and school branding elements.


Our talented design team will then transform your chosen style into a customised diary.


We will print your durable, high-quality diaries and deliver them to your school.

Emroy Creative Group definitely goes above and beyond in assisting me to produce our school’s yearbook. Their team are extremely knowledgeable and provided me with the resources to achieve the best result possible. The final product was outstanding, the quality was beautiful, the service was amazing and the yearbook as promised was delivered on time

Emma Mullins

Yearbook Coordinator

Carroll College

It’s time to call in the experts

Get in touch and see how easy it can be to create a yearbook with Emroy Creative Group.