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School yearbooks

The experts in designing and printing school yearbooks.

School yearbooks are more than a student keepsake. They can be a powerful marketing tool that endures for decades, sparking curiosity amongst prospective students.

With years of experience behind them, our dedicated team can skilfully structure your school’s content into an engaging and cohesive publication, casting your school’s branding, personality and culture in a positive and creative light.

Also, we use only the highest quality sustainably-sourced materials at competitive prices, ensuring your students still get a yearbook that not only looks impressive but remains durable for years to come.

It’s time to call in the experts

Get in touch and discover just how easy it can be to have your yearbook created by Emroy Creative Group.

Yearbook services tailored to your requirements.

& Layout.

There’s something rather special and aesthetically-pleasing about the feel, touch and smell of a freshly printed publication – especially one that encompasses a student’s journey through what is some of the most vibrant years of their life. Our talented team of designers specialise in a whole array of graphic design mediums, meaning they’re well equipped in bringing your school’s yearbook to life as creatively as possible. Whether it be fun and energetic, or modern and conservative, every school has the opportunity to collaborate directly with a designer for guidance and inspiration as they take the reins on how they want their yearbook design to look and feel. It is your yearbook afterall.

& Delivery.

We understand that timing is everything. With full control over the printing processes in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane production hubs we can keep you updated at every step of the way, paired with a prompt and free delivery. We also take great care in our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. We only source paper from environmentally sustainable sources (with FSC certificates) and all of our yearbooks are produced in a facility that is ISO 14001:2015 certified. Every yearbook is printed using sustainable CMYK inks on affordable yet high gsm stock and then perfectly bound using durable PUR glue. By using only the highest quality materials, your yearbooks are guaranteed to remain pristine and intact for years to come.

Proofing & Editing.

Typos are the bane of every writer and it just so happens that editorial support is offered here at Emroy Creative Group. With so many individuals contributing various bits of content it can often feel a little disjointed and in a variety of tenses when it’s finally laid out on the page. We understand that every school’s literature is catered to their own unique tone of voice and must remain coherent across all of their marketing collateral, including their yearbook. Parents of current and potential students will also be flicking through the yearbook content, proving it to be one of the most valuable marketing tools available. So, with our army of proofers at the ready, you can be rest assured that spelling, grammar and punctuation are all up to scratch and taken care of. Phew!


Our highly recommended project management service is an invaluable form of support for those schools that often feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the task in collating material for their yearbooks. What with hundreds of teachers and students contributing their own fair share of content for the yearbook it can seem almost impossible to know where to begin. We’ve invested a lot of time fine-tuning our internal management system to ensure a seamless and user-friendly process in the collation of content for what is essentially a year’s worth of memories. Our yearbook team will systematically manage the entire process from beginning to end in contacting all of the contributors on your behalf, allowing our talented designers to get to work as soon as the content starts flooding in.

It’s time to call in the experts

Get in touch and discover just how easy it can be to have your yearbook created by Emroy Creative Group.

Why so many schools choose Emroy for their yearbook services?

Affordable high quality

We regularly benchmark our rates to ensure we remain competitive, while still providing top quality.

Efficient and reachable

Our entire team is based in Australia, allowing for quick and easy communication throughout the entire project.


We use a network of reliable couriers to deliver your job to one location anywhere in Australia free of charge


If on the rare occasion there is an issue in production, we will either refund your money or reprint for free.

Case Study

The Xavian Yearbook

by Xavier College

Take a closer look at a sample from our yearbook portfolio and discover just how unique your yearbook design can be.

School Yearbook FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

This is normally customised to suit each school’s requirements. To play it safe, we normally set aside 15 business days for print and delivery turnaround. This can be sped up if needed.

This can depend on the size of the school and what you would like to feature.

If you’re looking to feature a page on every subject in the school curriculum, plus letters from the principal, the board, and other such officials, plus photo pages for all of the sports groups, music groups, class photos, and extracurricular, then you’re probably looking for at least 128 pages.

Schools with fewer faculties who are only interested in featuring the essentials go for somewhere around 80 pages.

As standard, we recommend 350gsm artpaper for the cover and 150gsm artpaper for the internal, to ensure a durable and high-quality finish.

We also recommend applying a matt celloglaze to the outer cover to protect the yearbook from general spills, wear and tear. We then bind them using PUR glue, the most durable perfect binding technique available, to ensure the pages are securely fastened in place.

It depends on the number of sections that are planned out in your yearbook (by sections we mean, for example, a ‘Principal’s Letter’ being one, a page on ‘Science’ being two, a page on ‘Mathematics’ being three, and so on…).

For yearbooks with less than 50 sections we ask that you organise your content into numbered folders in order of how you would like them to appear in the yearbook. You can then zip up all of these files and email them to us via a third party large file transfer. We personally recommend wetransfer.com

If there are over 50 sections then we create what we like to call a Page Ladder. This is essentially a content list of every section in your yearbook on a Google Sheet that we can both access online at any time. Each section listed on the Page Ladder has its own set of links, which when clicked on take you to a safe and secure online folder where you can drag and drop your files. We can then access these files immediately and begin designing your yearbook.

We certainly can – we offer an optional project management service.

Project management is a valuable service to those schools who find the task of collating material from everyone a little bit overwhelming and just need that extra assistance in bringing it all together.

Using the Page Ladder, we will ask you to fill in those contributors who are responsible for each section of the yearbook, complete with their email address. We then get in touch with everyone on your behalf by sending out the relevant Page Ladder links to the corresponding contributors for them to upload content.

This comes down to the ‘text versus image’ ratio you decide to settle on.

If you are planning to feature a report with some imagery for most of the sections then we normally recommend 300 words for a single page and 500 words for a double-page spread.

If you’re mostly interested in featuring lots of imagery then it can depend on the design template we end up settling on. A typical template can accommodate at least 8-10 decent-sized images with no text, but it really does depend on the design concept.

We understand that not every moment at school can be captured with a professional camera, so we’re pretty flexible with imagery.

It’s important to understand that if the image is relatively low resolution then it will have to be used fairly small on the page. If it’s blown up then it will end up pixelated and you won’t be able to tell the students apart!

We usually ask you to provide literally every possible photo you can find for each section and then we take it from there.

Only if you opt in to our optional proofreading service. This isn’t included as standard.

You will, however, get the opportunity to review the entirety of the yearbook at least twice to proofread the text yourself.

Our proofreading service includes the proofing of the book and editing of the content as needed. The school is still required to sign off on the final artwork.