Privacy information for schools

What data is collected?

  • Emroy Creative Group uses Google Apps to integrate with their yearbook project management workflow as a means of efficiently and safely obtaining information, images and content from schools.
  • The use of Google Apps may mean that student personal information and data will be collected by Google during this process.
  • This personal information will include any information that is provided to us via the Google Apps service; such as information or data contained in emails, Docs, Drive or spreadsheets (including text, images, photographs, sound and multimedia).

How is the data used?

  • Google stores and processes personal information solely for the purposes of providing the Google Apps service.
  • Google Apps services do not collect or use student personal information and data for advertising purposes or to create advertising profiles.
  • As part of providing its services, Google may also collect device information, log and location information as detailed in Google’s Privacy Policy.
  • Google will only disclose this data if compelled to do so by law.

Is the data secure?

  • Google is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all of their users, including students.
  • Google has strong security systems in place to keep personal information secure, including an encrypted HTTPS connection.
  • Google’s physical data centre access is restricted to authorised personnel and multiple layers of physical security are implemented.
  • Google personnel are only able to access user data in extremely limited circumstances and subject to rigorous approval and oversight.

When is the data deleted?

  • Emroy Creative Group & Google both use encrypted backup storage as another layer of protection to help recover from potential disasters.
  • Data can remain on these systems for up to six months. Unless required by law, Google & Emroy Creative Group will delete data requested for deletion from its systems within 180 days of the request.
  • As with any deletion process, things such as routine maintenance, unexpected outages, bugs or failures in our protocols may cause delays in the processes and time frames defined in this document.
  • We maintain systems designed to detect and remediate such issues.

Where is the data?

  • Google holds user data in its data centres that are located around the world.

Who else uses Google in the education sector?

  • Department of Education (NSW)
  • Sydney Catholic Schools
  • Parramatta Catholic Schools
  • Several independent schools around Australia

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