Onboarding form for school yearbooks

Internal project coordinator

List here the details of the lead coordinator who will be managing the yearbook project.

Supporting coordinator(s)

List here anyone who will be supporting you whom we can get in touch with if necessary.

Billing contact

Please provide details for the person we should contact for billing and invoicing at your school.

We will need a purchase order before proceeding to the next step. Please include the number below.

If it’s not yet raised, we will contact the billing contact you’ve listed above.

Delivery information

Please outline specific delivery instructions that we can pass on to our third-party couriers so they can easily find a drop-off point for your yearbooks at your school. Please also include information regarding unloading (For example: Do you have a forklift on-site? Do you have a maintenance team that can assist?)

Yearbook design

Do you wish for your new yearbook to follow the same content structure as the previous edition? If YES, please ensure your old yearbook is posted or emailed to us. If NO, the team at Emroy will send you a flatplan you can fill in.

One of our designers will reach out to you directly to do a full creative brief, however in preparation for the call, can you please provide some detail on the design direction you would like to take with this year’s edition of your yearbook.

Content management