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Reveal Wealth

Complete rebrand.

Creative lead: Emily Olguin

Services: Complete rebrand, sub-brand development, stationery, advertising material.

Timeframe: 3 months

Reveal Wealth is a business that prides itself on providing tailor-made financial advice for their clients. As multi-talented experts in business, specialist tax and online accounting services, the company’s offering had grown beyond what their old visual identity communicated. This ultimately sparked the need for a rebrand to propel the business into a new era, and so the Reveal Wealth concept was born.

The team approached us suffering from an outdated visual identity that failed to create an emotional connection with their customers. They feared their current brand, BFAA Accountants, was causing them to lose current and potential clients to their competitors.


As a first time client for Emroy Creative Group, project lead, Emily, adopted a ground-up approach to transform the brand. This involved extensive market research and a thorough assessment of the business’ current branding, customers and competitors to develop an identity that plays to the core strengths of the business.

To ensure the success of the rebrand, plenty of considerations had to be taken into account to transform the visual identity. To accurately bring the Reveal Wealth brand to life, an identity overhaul involving the development of a new logo and change of name, with adjustments to the business’ vision, mission and goals was performed. To create clarity for Reveal Wealth’s customers, sub-brands for each core service were designed to showcase the business’ true capabilities.

The result, a brand that unites and translates its true capabilities to its customers. The Reveal Wealth brand exudes dynamic energy and is a reflection of the business’ core values, mission and goals. Reveal Wealth is now strategically positioned to grow, attract and retain its target clientele.

A perfect match.

We’re a multidisciplinary team of experts with the experience and dedication to deliver results based outcomes.

Our Australian based staff are skilled across all disciplines of branding, design, print, web, content and marketing. Coupled with a collaborative in-house approach, we ensure consistency and cohesiveness across all aspects of your projects.

Our scalable options allow us to act as an on-demand or permanent collection of specialists that can work on one, or all aspects of your upcoming projects.


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