Agave Grand Opening Mexican Fiesta

Rowers On Cooks River is home to stunning waterfront views, a delicious menu and a large, vibrant function area. Like many clubs, the Rowers’ team wanted to attract a younger crowd to a well-established club.

Emroy had worked with Rowers On Cooks River on many past design projects, so when club CEO Lyndal Talarico planned to transform the Rowers’ car park into a Mexican fiesta, she knew Emroy had the design and marketing expertise to execute her vision.

Agave needed to entice a younger demographic to attend the event, snap photos and share their experience onto social media. To achieve this, we stepped into the shoes of Agave’s target audience, designing modern wrapping for the Agave food truck with a bold stylish logo and a large-scale, Insta-worthy mural.

Using a multichannel marketing approach, we employed a balance of budget-conscious and bold marketing strategies to provide a vast array of touchpoints.

To spark conversations in the local community, we focused on generating curiosity and excitement through a series of ‘teaser’ and ‘countdown’ communications. Residents began to share posts to their own social media accounts, comment positive responses such as ‘everyone’s going’ and ‘we can’t wait’ and invite friends and family to attend the event. It became clear from the positive responses that the grand opening would be a busy night for the Agave team.

From 5.30pm, crowds of people arrived from every angle. To offer our support, the entire Emroy team attended the event. We captured photos, distributed flyers, shared Instagram stories, sought feedback from event attendees and embraced every opportunity to raise awareness of Agave mornings, which was set to debut the following morning. The line stayed consistently long, as the food truck sold out of almost all food and beverages within two hours after opening.

At the conclusion of the grand opening, many locals migrated to Rowers On Cooks River to continue the festivities, booking out the club for the remainder of the night.

It felt surreal for both the Emroy and the Rowers teams to see the food truck and our design come to life at what was an incredibly successful grand opening spectacle.

The opening was so successful, it became a feature in the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader.

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