Annual reports

We’re an annual report design agency that helps organisations showcase their achievements.

Annual reports can fulfil a far greater purpose than providing facts and figures about your business. Annual reports can be used as an effective marketing tool, emphasising your organisation’s achievements and quantifying your past success to all audiences.

Achieving this requires a well-rounded approach that considers design, content, and strategy, understanding your stakeholders and structuring information based on what they will find most valuable.

With a multidisciplinary team collaborating across your project, we combine the expertise of graphic design, branding, and marketing to simplify complex information with modern design. The result is an annual report that is highly engaging and digestible, without compromising on best practice.

Bringing all the pieces together, Emroy ensures your annual report is precise, engaging, and insightful, complete with crucial data, and presented in a way that your stakeholders want to read.

Our services


Often fulfilling a marketing or promotional purpose, annual reports require a strategic design that considers how it will be received by your target audience. Our collaborative design process follows a set procedure that ensures that all members are on the same page and that you are included every step of the way.


Printed materials require efficient management processes, guided by a specific timeline that keeps everyone accountable. Working closely with our printing partners, we ensure your annual reports are of the highest quality and delivered to you in a timely manner.

Project management

Annual reports can be large projects and it’s only natural that some things could slip through the cracks. Our process allows you to have your project managed from start to finish by our annual report experts. We provide updates on your project through regular WIPs and progress reports. Following a pre-approved timeline, you always know when to expect key milestones.

An annual report design agency that understands, empowers and champions.

Every member of the Emroy squad has been personally mentored to share the same hunger for success, passion for creativity, and determination that’s needed to build you an annual report that succeeds.

As a multidisciplinary annual report agency, we draw upon our vast experience, which we’ve built by working with clients from a range of industries. By pooling our insights and expertise, we help you successfully position your organisation in the market.

Our team working so flawlessly together doesn’t happen by chance. We’ve created a culture that inspires collaboration, inclusion, and diversity; allowing us to tackle projects from multiple angles at once and ultimately creating exceptional and memorable annual reports for our clients.

Our approach to annual reports
(and why it works!)

A bright idea is a great start, but without the right strategy, it can only take you so far.

We translate your ideas into a unique and tailored annual report that captures the essence of your organisation.

We love that every annual report is unique and we believe that each deserves a unique approach. Creating an annual report that’s distinctive, authentic, and memorable in a dynamic and evolving marketplace can’t be done by using a simple ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Instead, we combine our unique approach with your in-depth understanding of your organisation to develop an annual report that actually works. The reason it works is because we build it just for you.

Your annual report journey starts here

Let’s turn your ideas into actions with a discovery call.

We’ll use this call to immerse ourselves in your organisation, understand its objectives and obstacles, and use our findings to create a tailored roadmap that you can follow to achieve your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Annual reports contain key information about your business progress over a 12-month period. The comprehensive report is used for shareholders, prospective customers and employees to gain insight into your organisation’s accomplishments and overall financial performance.

A powerful annual report needs to be professional, polished, and tell a story of how your organisation progressed over a 12-month period. It should be easy to read and maintain a consistent flow that engages the reader and emphasises special achievements eg. awards, a strong financial situation and employee growth.

Every annual report is slightly different. However, as a general rule, your annual report should include a summary of your business, corporate information, a statement from the CEO and chairperson, financial statements and a financial review from the last 12-months.

We can customise your annual report to include specific information about your business, based on the specific attributes you wish to highlight.

Annual reports highlight a company’s mission and history. They are important for stakeholders and prospective customers to read and gain a deep understanding of your organisation and financial situation. They also serve as a great tool to reflect back on and compare to previous years, often serving as a reminder of how far an organisation has progressed over the years.

Annual reports contain information about a company’s performance over the last 12-months. They became a regulatory requirement for public companies following the stock market crash of 1929. Although they are mandatory, they provide a golden opportunity to set your organisation apart from your competitors by making your report unique and engaging for your stakeholders.

Annual reports can be tailored to a specific audience based on your requirements and industry. However, generally, annual reports are read by the company’s employees, students and job applicants, customers, sustainability experts, suppliers and journalists.