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We know that an annual report is the most important document your organisation produces each year. Emroy’s skilled team masterfully creates reports that balance aesthetics and functionality. Engaging audiences and leaving a lasting impression.


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Our annual reports leave a lasting impact.

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Annual reports are far more than a mere formality. They are vital for communication and strategic positioning. Skillfully executed, they offer a detailed overview of your organisation’s accomplishments. Providing crucial context and highlighting successes in a manner that resonates with stakeholders.

At Emroy, we understand the significance of these reports. Our professional approach highlights progress and potential and builds trust and confidence with readers. A well-crafted annual report can enhance your image, fostering a sense of achievement and forward momentum.

We handle all aspects of your report creation with our team’s “5-star review-worthy” service.

Annual report design

At Emroy, we transform your publication into a visual masterpiece. Our concept and design team go beyond aesthetics, crafting a narrative that reflects your values and achievements.

With our graphic designers, your report will captivate and communicate effectively. Ensuring your message resonates with every reader. Elevate your report with a professional annual report design that balances aesthetics with functionality. Showcasing a compelling case for your organisation’s excellence.

Our annual report design services include:

  • Storyboarding and page ladders
  • Custom concept design
  • Infographic creation
  • Brand integration
  • Photography and Illustration

Annual report printing

Quality printing is critical to bringing your annual report to life. Emroy’s printing service guarantees high-quality production that matches the quality of the publication.

Our tailored printing solutions and meticulous attention to detail ensure the production reflects your professionalism. Our quality annual reporting printing enhances the reader’s experience and reinforces the credibility of your business.

Our annual report printing services include:

  • High-quality printing
  • Environmentally friendly as standard
  • Range of finishes / binding options
  • Distribution and post fulfilment
  • Small/large runs available

Proofing & editing

A report free from errors is essential for credibility. Emroy’s proofing and editing service ensures your annual report is flawless, reflecting the high standards of your organisation.

Our eagle-eyed editors check every detail, from grammar to data accuracy, enhancing clarity and readability. We help make your report polished and persuasive, giving confidence to your readers.

Our proofing/editing services include:

  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Style consistency
  • Readability improvements
  • Compliance review
  • Final proof review

Content management

Gathering content for your report can be daunting, but not with Emroy. Our content collection service streamlines this process, ensuring ease and simplicity.

We can coordinate with all contributors to gather the content for your annual report. We take care of collecting information, making the process less stressful and hassle-free.

Our content management services include:

  • Contributor liaison
  • Reviewing supplied content
  • Deadline management
  • Project status reports
  • Contributor follow-ups

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St Marys (2022)

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Emroy is purpose-built to help ambitious organisations (like yours) bring their ideas to life and achieve the extraordinary. Let’s be honest; you wouldn’t be here if you were willing to settle for mediocrity, would you?

We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is unique and requires a tailored plan.

With purpose-built solutions to meet your objectives, we balance cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

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Our team consists of many skilled experts. Their creativity and determination are fueled by a shared goal of delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

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Frequently asked questions

It is a document created by a company every year. It shows the company’s financial performance and achievements. The report gives stakeholders a summary of the year’s activities.

A good report tells readers about a company. Including its financial situation and plans. It uses easy-to-understand words, pictures, and shows the financial information clearly.

An annual report typically includes a chairman’s statement, financial statements, management analysis, corporate governance information, and insights. It may also feature sustainability and community engagement efforts.

Annual reports are important for showing stakeholders how well a company is doing and what its plans are. They help people decide whether to invest and make the company more open and trustworthy.

In Australia, companies and charities must make and share yearly reports to shareholders or stakeholders. Annual reports are required by regulators, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial reporting.

Different people, such as investors, employees, customers, and regulators, read annual reports. They read these reports to understand a company’s finances, plans, and potential achievements.