Sophie B Photography outgrew

her old DIY website

Creative, vibrant and intelligent – Sophie B’s talent stretches far beyond her technical photography skills. She approaches each shoot with a passion and enthusiasm that makes anyone instantly feel comfortable in front of a camera.

When COVID-19 demanded businesses ‘press pause’, Sophie B wasn’t the type to sit still and wait for time to pass. Instead, she launched ‘Sutherland Shire Open for Business,’ a project that led her to become a local legend of sorts, quickly outgrowing her old DIY website.

Sophie’s new website needed to accurately capture her unique approach, broad scope of photography services, and local community ties. As importantly, Sophie’s new website needed to demonstrate how talented she is!

Acting as an extension of Sophie’s team, our web designers, marketers, and designers all became sounding boards for Sophie’s new ideas, seamlessly switching between cheerleaders, champions and trusted companions, ready to give constructive feedback and deliver blunt truths when needed.

Since launch, Sophie’s new website has allowed her to:

  • Direct new customers to her portfolio;
  • Capture more leads from social media;
  • Display her past photographs as case studies;
  • Generate new enquiries;
  • Collect data for marketing purposes.

“A massive thank you to the team at Emroy Creative Group for having that ‘twinkle’ in their eye, when they accepted the opportunity to take on the project. A big thank you to all the people working behind the scenes at Emroy.”

Sophie Brown, Director
Sophie B Photography