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The benefits of social media marketing

As proud participants of the internet age, it comes as no surprise that social media is taking the world by storm. But, if you look at the statistics surrounding social media, it’s surprising to find that a substantial amount of people don’t understand it.

According to the Social Media Examiner Industry Report, around 96% of marketers are currently participating in social media marketing, but 85% of participants don’t know which of it’s tools are best to use. So, while many know the use of social media is a must for market planning, they are not clear on how or why they should adopt it.

Education is key to better business growth

Like most things, with knowledge comes power. Hence, if you as a business owner can better educate yourself on the benefits and affordances of social media, you can use it for the potential you know it has but never been able to fully realise.

Need for education is growing

With social media usership growing and internet users averaging around 136 minutes per day, an understanding of social media will become not just beneficial in optimising market exposure but necessary for market survival.

Advantages of Social Media

To help you on your way to realising the phenomenal market opportunity that social-media presents, here are some advantages of social media and why it should be used to market your business.

1. Increased Brand Awareness, Authority and Trust

In its ability to target, reach and engage with a broader audience social media is the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods there is. In fact, whether experts or not, 91% of marketers claim their social marketing efforts have greatly increased their exposure. By giving consumers a point of contact with explanatory content about your business, social media presence can foster consumer brand-awareness, trust and facilitate positive and personalised interactions that humanise your company and increase customer satisfaction.

2. More Inbound Traffic/Higher Conversion Rates

Without social media marketing, your inbound traffic is limited to customers who look for you. This limit also means your feedback only concerns people already engaging with your brand, making it harder to reach beyond your current pool of customers. As local businesses like to support and leverage the contacts of one another, social media can drive new people to your websites just through participation online. The more visibility your company has through having an online presence across platforms with different user demographics, the more opportunities it has for conversion.

3.Flexibility in marketing styles

Consumers want marketing messages communicated to them in the most organic way possible. No-one is saying social media can’t be used to push content for a more sales-forward, paid marketing approach. But, if marketers properly educate themselves on how social media works, they can also engage in more natural marketing tactics that can, over time, increase engagement and cultivate high-value brand equity.

4. It’s budget can be tailored

When a business decides to utilise it’s paid promotion tactics it is also the decision of the business owner as to how much they would like to invest. This high amount of choice and autonomy allows business owners to experiment with what works best for them at a relatively low cost and commitment. This flexibility is such an advantage as business owners are able to receive a greater return on investment and retain the bigger budget for other marketing expenses.

5. Gain Marketplace Insights

What better way to gain insight into your target audience than directly engaging with them. By monitoring consumer activity on your and others profiles, social media can act as a complementary research tool that will enrich your understanding of them. This research aspect of social media is not just something that needs to be conducted by the naked eye. Social media recognises the business-owner portion of its users and provides multiple tools and options to collect analytics about their audiences. This ability to gain a greater understanding of consumers and what they respond to also maximises return on investment.

Social networks are a substantial part of every marketing strategy but are severely misunderstood. Maximise market potential and utilise social media as the superpower everyone knows it to be.

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