The hidden school marketing tool you never knew you had

So often are school yearbooks considered an after-thought; an asset that the school doesn’t necessarily need but is simply nice to have. However, schools should be utilising their yearbooks as their ultimate marketing secret weapon.

School yearbooks capture your school’s story

School yearbooks essentially encapsulate a school’s entire curriculum in a positive and creative light – and it is this light that you should be harnessing and using to your advantage.

Your school’s marketing department can in effect kill two birds with one stone. Not only can you treat your students to a professionally designed yearbook with all the bells and whistles, but you can subsequently spark curiosity amongst those making enquiries into what their children can expect from your school.

With your school open day events packed with parents of prospective students, ensure they get that chance to flick through your school yearbooks. In an instant, they receive a thorough understanding of what their children can look forward to if they choose to invest in an education at your school.

They are an easy way to advertise

Order extra copies and leave them lying around in reception. Let prospective students take them home – let it inspire them to join your school. I’m also a personal fan of leaving ‘for more information’ flyers inside the school yearbooks to reinforce your message. Give them something to pin to their fridge and leave a lasting reminder to influence their decision on where to send their children to school.

Siena College, based in Melbourne, Victoria, has always placed a strong belief in putting its school yearbooks at the forefront of its marketing plan. “From my point of view, a beautiful yearbook is an invaluable marketing tool,” says Siena College’s marketing coordinator, Carolyn Currie.

“Obviously they are a valued souvenir for current students and staff to reflect with shared pride on the year’s events, yet they also provide a brilliant opportunity to showcase the college to prospective parents and to our wider community, including our alumnae.

“A yearbook that is on-brand can be a key tool in attracting new enrolments, providing a comprehensive overview of what our school has to offer.”

Should your school yearbook design be in-house or outsourced?

Some schools question whether they should have their yearbook designed in-house or whether to outsource it to a creative agency. School yearbook creation can prove to be an interminable process with a workload that should not be underestimated.

You never get that second chance to make a first good impression. With a professional at the helm of your yearbook design, you can rest assured that readers of your school yearbook will experience your school’s branding at its best and your school’s tone of voice will really shine.

A large number of resources and amount of time it can take to create a bespoke and professionally designed school yearbook means outsourcing your yearbook design is your school’s best option to ensure it gets the attention to detail it deserves. If you really want to push the boat out, opt for an embellishment on the front cover, such as foiling or spot UV, to really give it that finishing touch.

Over the years you will build up an entire library of yearbooks, each representing a window into a unique experience that prospective students can expect from your school. Ensure passive use out of an asset once only made exclusively for existing students and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Do you need expert assistance with your next school yearbook? We’re here to help when you’re ready.

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