The importance of creative thinking in marketing

The impact new technologies have on the market is growing progressively hard to ignore. An oversaturated and digital market has struck fear into the hearts of business owners trying to sell and, marketers have become their hired guns.

But, marketing tactics are everywhere too. How can some companies, even with marketers, win the war against a sea of others armed?

The answer is a marketer’s greatest superpower, Creativity.

What is ‘creativity’

Creativity is simply creating new ideas or solving problems originally. A way of making unique connections between seeming dissimilar, but relevant ideas, to create new opportunities.

The importance of creativity in general

Creativity is one of the most in-demand skills in the world; an important skill all business professionals should master.

A common misconception of creativity includes the idea creativity means artistry. But, this is misdirected. While an artist or a poet, even a musician, can exercise original thinking in their field of work, so can a salesperson, a mathematician, or a software engineer. Successful mathematicians don’t just crunch numbers, they create better formulas. Wizz computer programmers don’t just write code, they dream up new software!

True success will not be found within the boundaries of what is known.

The importance of creativity in marketing

Although their craft is already creative, marketers should also be testing the limits of their field. But so easily are businesses and their marketeers becoming consumed with a fear of being lost in a crowd of consumer advertisements that, they do exactly that. They use market research and advertising to disappear within a crowd of like-products.

When investing money into the creation of a marketing plan, do not fall for the ‘safeness’ of following ideas that have ‘worked before’. Do not use market research and other companies as a basis for your company’s presentation to the public, but use them as your point of reference and to improve on past ideas.

In fact, you don’t even need to learn from past ideas in the same field as marketing. For example, did you know the first roll-on deodorant was a spin-off of the idea of a ballpoint pen?

‘Muskateers’ not Marketeers

In the spirit of creativity, creatives should be using old ideas in new and re-imagined ways. By personality and profession, they should strive to identify new consumer needs and how to meet them in ways more creative than others to survive.

In fact, not only do studies suggest that an increase in creative expression increases overall well-being but the more creativity a company employs in its marketing tactics, the higher its brand visibility.

The creative marketer’s formula

Whether companies like it or not technology has increased the pool of online competition and, the ability to be noticed has become slimmer than the photoshopped models.

However, there is hope if you use creativity. No matter what field you are in, there are always limits to be tested and reset. So, to succeed in an oversaturated environment, the formula is simple:

  1. Stop settling for usual strategies. Push beyond them.
  2. Observe, but move away from the crowd by thinking creatively for your business and,
  3. Cut through the clutter in a way inspiring transformative new ideas.

If someone follows this procedure correctly the answer should be the same. That, for a hired market gun, there is no better ammunition than creativity.