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Our top 3 tips to keep on top of your Christmas marketing this year

With Christmas less than two weeks away there’s not much else on people’s minds. Have we bought Jennifer’s copy of Super Smash Bro’s? What about Michael’s box-set of The Vampire diaries? Are either of them still even in stock???

The point is, your business is probably not at the top of their list of priorities at the moment. This is obviously in-ideal for you, but it can also work against their interests. When everything is coming at you at once, you tend to forget or miss details that otherwise wouldn’t slip you by. (Such as a great deal, or forgetting to stock up on business stationary so that it’s ready for the new year)

Here are our top 3 tips on maximising your Christmas marketing presence this holiday season.

Bolstering your online collateral

As is to be expected, Christmas time is peak season for all things marketing related. With our near-constant connectedness to social media and the internet, this is true now more than ever before. Unless you live in a shack out in the wilderness, the onslaught of Christmas marketing is virtually inescapable. While it may feel almost dirty to be adding to that noise, sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

If you haven’t done so already, Christmas themed landing pages are a great way to push your holiday promotions without undergoing a total redesign of your website. You can temporarily use one as your home page, and run the rest of your website as per usual (though a little Christmas iconography wouldn’t go astray! Remember, consistency is key!). This is a fantastic way to embrace the Christmas spirit, without breaking the bank.

As a means of targeting your existing customers directly, you can’t go past EDM’s (Electronic Direct Mailouts). Email newsletters give you an easy means of ensuring that your client-base is aware of any specials you may be offering, as well as any changes in opening hours over the holiday season. Christmas email blasts do work better if you’ve already established precedent with consistent email newsletters throughout the year, however you generally still can get away with them even if this is not the case. Remember, no time like the present!

Additionally, starting now means you’ll be all set for next year’s holiday season!


Flyers are a fantastic and inexpensive way to remind your target market about your products and specials in the lead up to Christmas. The nature and format of a flyer means that you can very easily convey Christmas information / specials in a way that doesn’t impede information consumption by your audience.

Flyers can also easily be pinned to fridges / cork boards / etc. without taking up too much space, this can discourage customers from immediately throwing out your flyer (and forgetting about it) and instead keeping it around until they are ready to take action.

It’s important to remember however that your flyer is an advertisement, not a business card. You need to include information that’s going to catch your audience’s interest. If all your flyer says is “Bobs Bottle Making” then what’s the point? Christmas time is full of noise and you need to be targeted if you want to break through it. Customers are interested in their own needs or wants. Address them.

Social Media

In addition to your dressing up your website, your social media platforms also need to reflect this most wonderful time of the year. Stick a santa hat on your logo and if possible make your cover photos a little more festive. Not every post you make needs to be festive and full of cheer (unless it’s appropriate for your business, it could get just a little bit old) but try to schedule a few in the lead up to the big day. We recommend posts like a Christmas team photo,  Christmas specials, charitable activities (perhaps you donated to Food Bank or OzHarvest and wanted to encourage others to do the same.) and just anything else you can relate to your business in a Christmas-ey way.

Also no, the obligatory “We will be closed from x date to y date due to Christmas” message does not count.

Christmas Marketing may sound stressful, but with a little thought and preparation (even at the last minute) you can nail it with ease.

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