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Top 5 Logo Design Mistakes

A logo is the most important part of your branding and identity. Here’s the top five most common mistakes to avoid when designing your logo.

1. Looking too similar to other brands.

If you choose a logo which is too similar to another well known brand, you will struggle to establish your own brand identity without your audience immediately being reminded of someone else’s logo.

2. Choosing an inappropriate font.

There’s a lot in a font! A poorly chosen font can convey an incorrect personality for your brand and attract the wrong customers.

3. Using temporary design trends.

Logo design should be timeless, and using today’s design trends immediately undermines the longevity of your logo. The oldest logo still in use today is that of “Stella Artois” from way back in 1366, and there are plenty more examples which haven’t changed in over 100 years (Twinings, Shell, Levis, and Heinz to name a few).

4. Relying on colour.

A logo needs to be versatile. If your design relies on colour to work or make sense, it’s going to fall apart the moment you need to place it on a similarly coloured background or print in black and white. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a colourful logo, but make sure it works in black and white first!

5. Looking too plain, too busy, or too abstract.

In many ways, logo design is a balancing act. A good logo strikes the right balance between interesting, and simple. In addition, your logo should have some logical connection to your brand. If it’s just a bunch of squiggly lines, it actually weakens your branding.

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