A website to match the quality of

Waterfront Construction’s work

Waterfront Constructions are a team of multi-skilled tradespersons passionate about helping their clients make their waterfront dreams a reality.

The business had been around for 40 years when Mitchell, David and Liam took over the company as directors in 2020.

In the early days, Mitchell, one of three directors, created a temporary DIY website to get the ball rolling. One year later, their DIY website felt completely estranged from Waterfront Constructions high-quality, breathtaking projects.

Having heard the Emroy name through social media, they were impressed by our previous website case studies. They sought a local Sutherland Shire business with experience working with time-pressed construction companies and valued a hassle-free process.

A discovery call with our website developer, Josh, confirmed that Emroy and Waterfront Constructions would be a perfect match.

The call mapped out Mitchell’s goals and inspiration for the new website. He desired the wow factor he noticed amongst his competitor’s websites. Having access to an extensive portfolio of drone videography and stunning waterfront images, Josh knew the end result would be nothing short of spectacular.

Waterfront Constructions current website only displayed a narrow scope of their business offerings. They had a team of licensed builders capable of completing home renovations and commercial constructions, in addition to waterfront projects.

Josh built a wireframe that outlined the sections of the new website, ensuring the layout clearly displayed Waterfront Construction’s extensive range of services. Our copywriter and designer worked hand-in-hand to match the content with appropriate imagery. The copy and imagery were subtly connected with a wave brush pattern and colour palette, consistent with the Waterfront Constructions brand.

It was clear from the early stages that Waterfront Constructions would be a dream client. Constantly under the pump running his business, Mitchell had little time to dedicate to the website process, which meant he needed to place a tremendous amount of trust in the hands of our team.

Mitchell’s trust made the process incredibly seamless for our team. Having minimal back and forth, simple revisions and given the creative scope to do what we do best, the entire process was enjoyable and successful.