Watts Next’s website needed to convey their

authenticity and trustworthiness.

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Watts Next Electrical provides first-rate electrical services to strata, residential and commercial environments across Sydney. Mindful of the fierce competition in the local area, Owner and Director Mitchell knew how important it was for his business to stand out from the crowd.

Jackson, our lead marketing strategist facilitated a detailed strategy session, which was essential in understanding Mitchell’s vision for the website.

In the session, Mitchell advised the website needed to accurately reflect Watts Next Electrical’s spotless reputation as a trustworthy, genuine and reliable electrician. In addition, he wanted a simple and easy to navigate website.

When a business allows visitors to “put a face to the name”, it instantly builds trust. So we incorporated images of Mitchell to give the website a personal touch. When people visit the Watts Next Electrical site, they feel a strong sense of familiarity and connection.

Our lead designer Emily integrated the business’ bold colour palette to augment the personal touch. Balanced by a clever use of white space, the striking colours made sales funnels and calls to action striking and attention grabbing.

The result was a cohesive, well-designed website that accurately reflects Mitchell’s exceptional customer service and his consistent delivery of unrivalled customer service and high-quality work.