You’ve captured your audience’s attention, now what?

If your toast lands on the floor, we all joke about the slightly questionable ‘fact’ that we can still eat it; as long as it’s picked up within five seconds! But, when it comes to capturing the attention of an internet user with written content, how long does that toast have until the public will no longer consume it?

The answer…2.7 seconds. 

The fact is, people, want you to capture their attention. But, it is still no secret that the internet’s buffet of information has created consumers with a fussy palate. At the same time, the internet is stuffing readers with ‘food for thought’; content curators are going hungry if they fail to engage before their shocking 2.7 seconds ‘used by date’.

So, how do we capture a reader’s attention?

The fact of the matter is, getting a reader to where you want them to be is no longer enough. Once a potential consumer has landed in a place where what you want them to read is accessible, you still need to – cue shock and horror –  make them want to read it. The way to do that? Professional copywriting.

So, without wasting another finite two point seven seconds of your time:

Here is a mixed bag of tricks that makes content hard to click away from:

  • Break it down – Use headings and subheadings/bullet points. We all scan-read these days and frankly, it’s unavoidable. Cater to scanning and provide clean content that makes them want to read on.
  • Use quotes and visuals –  Paragraphs should not be the only thing breaking down a text. Seduce skimmers into reading on by presenting clear, short points made exciting by visuals that break them down and back them up. People are on the internet for a reason; give them quick and easy answers!
  • ‘Flow’, not ‘office memo’ – Use a flowing body/tone in your piece. This means content should read and progress naturally, informing a reader without distracting them. Spelling and correct word use are important (because a reader can be distracted by this) but grammar isn’t as noticeable, within reason.
  • Subtle selling/relatability – Throughout your copy, gently remind people to do business with you. The effective copywriter gets the reader imagining themselves as a customer. But remember! Content creators have to sell themselves as well as what they are selling. Ensure you stay on brand and speak your reader’s language; use storytelling to get your message across. Don’t use too many buzzwords.
  • Inspire – Readers retain and respond best to information they feel a need to act upon. You want your reader to do something about what you are telling them? Call them to action. It gives everyone what they want.

Do you want to hold your audience’s attention beyond those 2.7 seconds? Talk to us for help with your content.  Just click here to book in.