Yearbook Brief

Yearbook brief

Thanks for choosing Emroy to create your school yearbook! We’re excited to get started, but before we do, there’s some information we’ll need to cover.

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this brief. In this form, we’ll start with some of the key information we’ll need to work together.

In today's brief, we'll cover your preferred points of contact, the yearbook structure, the design direction, how you will supply content/imagery, and you'll your school's brand assets.

Contact information

Before we dive into the fun stuff, we just need a few essentials from you. Think of this as the "getting to know you," which helps ensure we’re talking to the right people.

Primary coordinator

What is your availability to work on the yearbook?

Secondary coordinator

Billing contact

Purchase order

If none is required, please write N/A If it still needs to be generated, please write TBC

Delivery information


Yearbook structure

Page ladder

Next up, we’ll cover the yearbook structure. In this section, you’ll share with us the structure this edition should follow and how strictly you’d like us to enforce that structure.

Chapter title pages

Title pages assist in navigation, clearly defining new sections of the yearbook and help give your yearbook a more premium look and feel. Would you like chapter title pages included?

How strict would you like us to be with page allocation?

Often, with yearbooks, there is flexibility with page allocation. For example, if a section is allocated four pages, but too much content has been supplied, and it needs six pages, how would you like us to proceed:

Design direction

This section will briefly cover the design direction you would like the yearbook to take. We’ll just cover some basics for now, as we’ll schedule a follow-up call to discuss the design in more depth.

How would you like us to manage the number of images supplied?

Typically, with yearbooks, if a section includes five images, we recommend supplying a few additional images in case one or two of the images provided aren’t suitable. This prevents additional back and forth and speeds up the overall design of the yearbook. How would you like imagery managed?

How would you like us to manage the number of images supplied?

In an ideal world, all imagery would be from professional photographers. However, with yearbooks, that’s rarely the case. Our designers will typically try and do their best with supplied imagery by default. For example, if an image is of low resolution, we will ensure it’s small so the low quality isn’t noticeable. Our designers will make minor adjustments, such as converting to the correct colour format. How would you like us to manage image quality?

Content and imagery supply

Here, we’ll grab some details from you on how the content and imagery will be supplied. That way, we can ensure we’re set up and ready from our end!

How will the content and imagery be supplied to Emroy?

* This is an optional add-on to make managing your yearbook a breeze. If you select this option and it’s not included in your quote, one of our team will discuss it further.

What method would you prefer files to be shared with Emroy?

Brand assets

Having your brand assets at hand is key. This helps us ensure that every element we create aligns perfectly with your brand identity. Please use this section to supply any logos, images, fonts, or any other brand materials you have. This will aid us in crafting a website that truly feels like an extension of your brand

Note: If you have previously supplied these, please skip this section.

Logo and brand files

Please attach your logo and brand files here.

Style guide / brand book

If you have a style guide or a brand book, please attach.