We’re a publications design agency that delivers the ‘wow.’

Every day, customers are inundated with promotional materials on digital media. While we recognise it is critical to adapt and evolve with the times, the power of printed publications should not be underestimated in the modern marketing landscape.

If executed effectively, tangible materials that customers can touch, see, smell, keep, and pass along can provide a long-lasting ‘wow factor’ that simply can’t be replicated by digital strategies.

At Emroy, we have perfected the many elements that go into effective publication creation.

By applying a modern process to a traditional discipline, we ensure the design and print of your publications are seamless and the end product is more successful than you ever thought possible.

Our services


Often fulfilling a marketing or promotional purpose, publications require strategic design that considers how it will be received by your target audience. Our collaborative design process follows a set procedure that ensures every member of the team is on the same page, and that you are on board every step of the way.


Printed materials require efficient management processes, guided by a specific timeline that keeps everyone accountable. Working closely with our printing partners, we ensure your publications are of the highest quality and delivered to you in a timely manner.

Project management

Publications can be large projects and it’s only natural that some things could slip through the cracks. Through our process, your project can be managed from start to finish by our professional publications experts. We provide updates on your project through regular WIPs and progress reports. Following a pre-approved timeline, you always know when to expect key milestones to be reached.

A publications agency that understands, empowers and champions.

Every member of the Emroy squad has been personally mentored to share the same hunger for success, passion for creativity, and determination that’s needed to create a publication that succeeds.

As a multidisciplinary publications agency, we draw upon our vast experience, which we’ve built by working with clients from a range of industries. By pooling our insights and expertise, we help successfully position you in the market.

Our team working so flawlessly together doesn’t happen by chance. We’ve created a culture that inspires collaboration, inclusion, and diversity; allowing us to tackle projects from multiple angles at once and ultimately creating exceptional and memorable publications for our clients.

Our approach to publications
(and why it works!)

A bright idea is a great start, but without the right strategy, it can only take you so far.

We translate your ideas into a unique and tailored publication that captures the essence of your organisation.

We love that every publication is unique and we believe that each deserves a unique approach. Creating a publication that’s distinctive, authentic, and memorable in a dynamic and evolving marketplace can’t be done by using a simple ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Instead, we combine our unique approach with your in-depth understanding of your organisation to develop a publication that actually works. The reason it works is because we build it just for you.

Your publications journey starts here

Let’s turn your ideas into actions with a discovery call.

We’ll use this call to immerse ourselves in your organisation, understand its objectives and obstacles, and use our findings to create a tailored roadmap that you can follow to achieve your goals.

Frequently asked questions

A prospectus is a document that is sent to prospective students that captures the essence of your school’s culture. The role of a prospectus is to sell the school, highlighting all the key attributes that make your school unique and enticing new students to enrol.

An effective prospectus has a combination of well-written and inviting copy and strategic design. Selected imagery should reflect the school’s culture and complement the content. While the content serves to provide general information about your school, it also needs to be structured to strategically prioritise your school’s key selling points.

A prospectus allows prospective students and their parents to read, compare and assess whether that school is a suitable fit. By approaching your prospectus from a strategic perspective, we can help instil a positive image of your school and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

The length of each prospectus is customised based on the initial content and imagery supplied by each school. As a general rule, a prospectus should be able to capture all the important information it needs within 10 pages. Any more may discourage the reader from concentrating on the important key selling points and skimming over the content.

A school should have a prospectus available at any given time to hand out to parents and students who enquire about enrolments throughout the year. However, a school’s open day is a particularly important time to ensure you have a professionally designed prospectus ready to print and hand out to interested students who attend the open day.

A prospectus has a combination of imagery, content and infographics. It needs to be consistent with your school’s branding and ensure all elements align with other marketing materials, including your website.