Graphic design

We’re a graphic design agency that helps you achieve results beyond aesthetics.

Customers can form opinions about your organisation in less than a second. How you present your brand can shape the way customers perceive you at first glance and well into the future.

Considered and strategic graphic design has the power to pave the way towards reaching new markets, attracting your ideal customer, and reinforcing the unique elements that make your brand stand above the rest.

Emroy is a purpose-built graphic design agency built on a foundation that converges each of our creative minds. Our in-house team of brand and design experts, marketing wonders, and print specialists collaborate to provide a strategic and holistic perspective on every design decision made.

Combining the knowledge of our team, each design project we execute is meaningful, memorable, and tailored to achieve results, based on the objectives you set.

Our services

Graphic design for print

Graphic design for print requires a specific approach to ensure the optimal size, readability, stock, and finish of your finalised design. We use our creative lens to ensure no critical design elements are lost in the transition from digital design to print.

Graphic design for publications

Our effective publication management process enables all stakeholders to communicate seamlessly across one project. We create publication designs that inform, educate, and persuade your audience. Whether your organisation’s publication is minor or complex, you’ll find the process straightforward and hassle-free from start to finish.

Design for web

A powerful website is underpinned by effective design. Our graphic designers and web developers work in collaboration with our marketing experts for the duration of your project. Combining the principles of each creative discipline results in a website that is aesthetic, functional, and consistent with your brand.

A graphic design agency that understands, empowers and champions.

Every member of the Emroy squad has been personally mentored to share the same hunger for success, passion for creativity, and determination that’s needed to create a design that succeeds.

As a multidisciplinary graphic design agency, we draw upon our vast experience, which we’ve built by working with clients from a range of industries. By pooling our insights and expertise, we help successfully position you in the market.

Our team working so flawlessly together doesn’t happen by chance. We’ve created a culture that inspires collaboration, inclusion, and diversity; allowing us to tackle projects from multiple angles at once and ultimately creating exceptional and memorable designs for our clients.

Our approach to graphic design
(and why it works!)

A bright idea is a great start, but without the right strategy, it can only take you so far.

We translate your ideas into a unique and tailored design that captures the essence of your organisation.

We love that every design is unique and we believe that each deserves a unique approach. Creating a design that’s distinctive, authentic, and memorable in a dynamic and evolving marketplace can’t be done by using a simple ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Instead, we combine our unique approach with your in-depth understanding of your organisation to create designs that actually work. The reason they work is because we build them just for you.

Your graphic design journey starts here

Let’s turn your ideas into actions with a discovery call.

We’ll use this call to immerse ourselves in your organisation, understand its objectives and obstacles, and use our findings to create a tailored roadmap that you can follow to achieve your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Ethical design is focused on ensuring design decisions are made abiding by ethical and moral behaviours. One example is understanding and following rules around plagiarism and copywriting. At Emroy, we conduct thorough training and follow stringent guidelines to ensure all the work we complete is ethically bound.

When it comes to design decisions, it is important to understand and abide by copyright guidelines. However, it is important to know that not all graphic design is entitled to copyright. For example, information, techniques, ideas, concepts, and styles are not protected by copyright.

In a case where there is no supplied imagery, stock imagery is a legal way to source and pay for relevant imagery online.

Your logo design represents your company. It plays an important role in building brand recognition and brand awareness. While logos can be created in various ways, a professional branding agency knows how to take you through the process to ensure your logo design is consistent with your brand’s values and is relevant to your target audience.

Covid-19 has changed the nature of graphic design in many ways. In a positive light, Covid-19 saw the role of data visualisation become increasingly important. Graphic design allowed scientific information to be presented in a way that could be easily interpreted around the world.

To obtain protection for a design under the Designs Act, you need to lodge a design application via the Designs Office at IP Australia. It is important to remember that copyright doesn’t protect designers against ideas, styles, concepts, or techniques.