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Emroy creates yearbooks for schools that help enrich the student’s fond memories of their time there. Our yearbooks are storytelling tools that capture a significant period in students’ lives for friends and families to celebrate and reflect on the school year.


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Emroy has over 12 years of experience producing yearbooks for schools around Australia. Emroy has mastered creating beautiful yearbooks that students, parents, teachers, and the community love.

Our passion for timeless design, tailored approach and unwavering commitment ensures that your yearbooks are of the highest quality. They are tailor-made to embody your school spirit.

Through Emroy, your yearbooks become a time capsule, allowing fond school memories to be remembered for decades.

We understand that yearbooks are surprisingly large and daunting projects. As such, we help make the process as seamless as possible. Our team offers complimentary services such as project planning, timeline management, content collection guides and ongoing expert support.

School yearbook design

Our bespoke yearbook design service captures your school’s spirit and highlights achievements for your students to relive memories for years.

Emroy will help elevate your yearbook quality with our tailored design process. Our team of specialist yearbook designers create visually stunning keepsakes. The design will resonate with students, faculty and families alike. We’re the experts at helping tell your school’s unique story, fostering a sense of pride and nostalgia.

Our school yearbook design services include:

  • Storyboarding
  • Concepting
  • Typesetting / graphic design

School yearbook copy editing & proofing

We understand that yearbooks must maintain a consistent tone and content quality throughout. Our copyeditors help refine your text, ensuring clarity, coherence and error-free content.

Content supplied for yearbooks will often vary in quality. Sometimes, this content provided will require extensive editing. Our team will enhance the quality of your yearbook, resulting in a polished and professional product.

Our school yearbook copy editing/proofing services include:

  • Style and tone consistency
  • Content clarity
  • Readability enhancements
  • Fact and name checking

School yearbook printing

A yearbook is a treasured publication that should last for years, and with Emroy, it will. We commit to high-quality materials and stringent quality control measures. This ensures that your printed yearbook will stand the test of time.

We’ve tested hundreds of options for covers, internal pages, finishes, glue, and binding methods. Our extensive testing ensures that the yearbooks we produce for you look immaculate and, most importantly, remain that way for years. We take special care when sourcing materials; sustainable printing and environmentally friendly are standard, not an added extra. For those schools wanting something tailor-made, our expert team can guide you through all custom yearbook printing options.

If you’ve searched for “yearbook printing Australia”, you’ve come to the right place – all our school yearbook printing is in Australia!

Our school yearbook printing services include:

  • Digital yearbook printing
  • Offset yearbook printing
  • Custom yearbook covers
  • Prepress and quality control
  • Delivery and distribution

School yearbook content, contributor, and deadline management

Streamline and simplify managing content for your yearbook by letting us do it for you! With our years of experience, we’ve custom-built systems, processes and procedures that make managing content more effortless than you ever thought possible.

You can be involved as much or as little as you like during the process. Relax, knowing that the project support team at Emroy is always here to help. We prioritise efficient communication collaboration, and our meticulous planning will help your school meet its yearbook deadline. With access to our team via phone and email, you can easily keep up with your yearbook online.

Our school yearbook content, contributor and deadline management services include:

  • Content collection
  • Reviewing supplied content
  • Liaising with content contributors
  • Deadline management and reminders
  • Project status reports
  • Follow up with contributors

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Frequently asked questions

Yearbooks are vital for capturing and preserving the memories of school years. They serve as a time capsule, allowing students, parents, and teachers to reflect on and celebrate the academic year’s milestones, friendships, and achievements. Emroy ensures that each yearbook is a cherished keepsake, embodying the spirit and memories of your school community.

A yearbook should have pictures of students, events, achievements, and messages from friends. Emroy can guide your school in creating a yearbook that beautifully captures your school spirit, student milestones, and the unique journey of the year.

Yearbooks typically come out towards the end of the school year or shortly after. Emroy puts all school events and accomplishments in the yearbook, creating a complete and memorable record of the school year.

The cost of a student yearbook varies based on design complexity, page count, and print specifications. Emroy offers tailored yearbook solutions to fit your school’s budget and needs, ensuring high quality at competitive prices. Contact us for a custom quote tailored to your project’s specifics.

A yearbook is a publication that captures a school year’s memories, events, and achievements. Designed with care by Emroy, it’s a keepsake that students, staff, and families treasure. It offers a nostalgic look back at the school year’s highlights. Yearbook photos and class photos are often readers’ favourite parts!

Schools across Australia continue to celebrate their yearly achievements with yearbooks. Emroy creates yearbooks that capture each school year’s essence, preserving memories for generations.

Yes, universities often have yearbooks to commemorate the achievements and experiences of their graduating classes. Emroy can assist universities in crafting yearbooks that capture the essence of university life, celebrating academic and extracurricular accomplishments.