School Yearbooks

Emroy creates memorable keepsakes for you to cherish for years to come.

A school yearbook enriches the student’s fond memories of their time at school. It is a storytelling tool that captures a significant period in their lives for friends and families to celebrate and look back on for years to come.

With over a decade of experience producing hundreds of yearbooks for many schools across the country, we’ve cultivated the knowledge and mastered the art of creating yearbooks that communicate a compelling story.

Our passion for timeless design, tailored approach and unwavering commitment ensures that your yearbooks are of the highest quality and is personalised to embody your school spirit.

Through Emroy, your yearbooks will act as a time capsule for fond school memories to be remembered for decades to come.

You’ll know when it’s a yearbook created by Emroy.

Our services

Complimentary inclusions

Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide comprehensive project management to help you plan your yearbook project. This includes yearbook timeline creation, yearbook page ladder development, yearbook content planning, and more. As a testament to our commitment to making your yearbook successful, this valuable service is offered complimentary for all our yearbook clients, ensuring a well-organised and seamless process.

Yearbook design

Our bespoke yearbook design approach ensures the yearbook we create for you encapsulates your school’s spirit and highlights achievements for your students to relive memories for years to come. The schools we work with often keep several copies of previous yearbooks to showcase at open days, as they serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Yearbook copyediting and yearbook proofing

Content provided for yearbooks can often vary in quality, especially when multiple contributors are involved, leading to an inconsistent tone. Emroy’s experienced copy editors will meticulously proofread and edit the supplied yearbook content, ensuring a consistent and professional tone throughout the yearbook.

Yearbook print

At Emroy, we’re committed to producing yearbooks using only the highest quality materials. We’ve tested hundreds of options for covers, internal pages, finishes, glue, and binding methods to ensure the yearbooks we produce for you look immaculate and, most importantly, remain that way for years to come.

Content, contributor, and deadline management

Yearbooks involve substantial coordination, and managing numerous content contributors can be daunting. Our specially trained staff and tailored processes streamline this phase, ensuring a smoother experience than you could have ever imagined.

A personalised yearbook design that embodies your school spirit

As natural collaborators, we are most potent when we’re part of a team. Every member of the Emroy team shares the same hunger for success, passion for creativity and commitment to creating the perfect yearbook.

Our tailored approach and extensive experience allow us to create a yearbook that fully embodies your vision, aligns with the school’s brand, and communicates the school’s spirit.

Emroy operates in a culture that nurtures collaboration, inclusion and diversity, tackling projects from different angles to create an exceptional yearbook for your school.

Our approach to yearbooks
(and why it works!)

We believe that every yearbook is unique, requiring a professionally tailored approach. Throughout the project, our skilled designers and project managers will work closely with you to ensure you remain onboard every step of the way.

As a testament to our commitment to creating the perfect yearbook for your school, we offer comprehensive project management to help you plan your yearbook project. From timeline creation to content planning, we will ensure a seamless and well-organised process for you.

Combining our experience and unique approach to our yearbook designs and your in-depth understanding of your vision, mission and purpose, we develop a distinctive and authentic yearbook that perfectly captures your values.

We translate your ideas into a yearbook that is unique, and one that is built just for you.

Your yearbook journey starts here

Let’s turn your ideas into actions with a discovery call.

Leverage our decade-long yearbook expertise as we provide solutions to your past challenges, bounce around new ideas and discuss our tailored approach to bring your school’s yearbook vision to life.

Frequently asked questions

Yearbooks promote your school culture, giving your students and educators a sense of school pride and unity. They also serve as a reminder of a child’s years of schooling and can be reflected upon for years to come.

Our school yearbooks blend images from events, photos of the students and teachers, messages from the teaching staff and students leaders. However, it is up to the school to supply the content they wish to include in their yearbook, which means the content can be tailored to your requirements.

At Emroy, we design and print school yearbooks all year round. Suppose you would like your yearbook to arrive by a specific date. In that case, we recommend getting started as early as possible to have the complete design approved, printed and delivered by the desired date.

The short answer is – it depends! We have three main package options, including full service, design and print or print only which each come with varied pricing. Our team can arrange a quote based on your unique requirements.

Yearbooks are a publication given out annually to students to reflect upon the past year’s highlights. They combine 12-months of achievements, events, milestones and class photos to provide a snapshot of a cohort’s schooling journey.