How to secure potential customers with a call to action that works!

Every brochure, flyer, and poster should have a call to action, period. Quite simply it’s a graphic and/or textual prompt used in advertising to encourage potential customers to take the next step towards purchase, participation, or registration.

How do you create an effective call to action? Here are 5 simple ways to craft the perfect one.

1. Give your customers a reason to act

A call to action is important, but to make it even more effective give them a reason to act. A customer will be more likely to call you for information if you give them a reason to do so!

“Tickets are limited, sign up and reserve your spot today!”

2. Offer a bonus incentive

Sometimes offering something a little extra will encourage customers to complete your call to action. A bonus incentive could include a free gift, discounts, or entry into a competition. For an extra sense of urgency, give your bonus offer expiry date. This will compel a potential customer to act on impulse where they might not have acted at all.

“Join before the 31st of May to receive a free platinum upgrade”

3. Use strong and active language

A call to action must clearly tell potential customers what to do. This will provide direction, allowing the engagement process of the customer with your brand to go uninterrupted.

Use active words such as: Call, Buy, Join us, Sign up, Donate, Subscribe, etc

“Subscribe today and receive your first 2 issues free!”

4. Make your call to action stand out

Surround your call to action with blank space. This will allow your call to action to stand out from its surroundings, giving your eye only one thing to focus on.

Use colour in your call to action to create an emotional response. Red, orange, yellow, and green are good choices. Avoid black, grey, pink, and purple. (For more information on colour psychology, click here)

Maximise the contrast of your call to action. Make the text of your call to action a different size and font to the rest of your copy, and use a colour you haven’t already used.

Don’t hide!

What good is a call to action if it can’t be seen?

Your call to action should be easily visible. Your viewer should never have to look for your call to action.

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