A prospectus is an essential asset in any school’s marketing arsenal. It helps prospective families understand the school’s culture, highlights offerings and sets you apart from others. With extensive experience, Emroy crafts prospectuses that position your school distinctively in the competitive educational landscape.


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We build exceptional prospectus that sets you apart.

A prospectus plays a significant role in attracting prospective families to your school. When well-crafted, it sets your school apart from competitors and provides a deep insight into your academic curriculum and proudest achievements.

With extensive experience working in the education sector, we create prospectus that form emotional connections with the reader whilst reflecting your school’s values, helping you to position your school in the competitive educational landscape distinctively.

School Prospectus Copywriting / Copyediting

The Emroy copywriting team specialises in writing clear, engaging, and persuasive copy that helps to differentiate your school from others, positively influencing the decision-making process. This helps your prospectus capture the reader’s attention, providing an opportunity to showcase your school’s values, highlight its strengths and explain your unique offerings.

Our school prospectus copywriting / copyediting services include:

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Copywriting
  • Content planning
  • Content strategy

School Prospectus Design

Emroy’s designers are experts at balancing aesthetics and functionality, resulting in prospectuses that are both appealing and enjoyable to read whilst remaining accessible. Each design is custom-made to reflect your school’s unique identity and is crucial in shaping prospective families’ perceptions of your school.

Our school prospectus design services include:

  • Mood boarding
  • Concepting
  • Page design/typesetting
  • Print design / digital design
  • Image editing

School Prospectus Printing

The Emroy print professionals can help guide you on what options are available to ensure your school prospectus printing matches your school’s high standards and professionalism whilst remaining within budget.

Our school prospectus printing services include:

  • Prepress
  • Print production
  • Print management
  • Delivery and distribution

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Frequently asked questions

A prospectus is a document that is sent to prospective students that captures the essence of your school’s culture. The role of a prospectus is to sell the school, highlighting all the key attributes that make your school unique and enticing new students to enrol.

An effective prospectus has a combination of well-written and inviting copy and strategic design. Selected imagery should reflect the school’s culture and complement the content. While the content serves to provide general information about your school, it also needs to be structured to strategically prioritise your school’s key selling points.

A prospectus allows prospective students and their parents to read, compare and assess whether that school is a suitable fit. By approaching your prospectus from a strategic perspective, we can help instil a positive image of your school and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

The length of each prospectus is customised based on the initial content and imagery supplied by each school. As a general rule, a prospectus should be able to capture all the important information it needs within 10 pages. Any more may discourage the reader from concentrating on the important key selling points and skimming over the content.

A school should have a prospectus available at any given time to hand out to parents and students who enquire about enrolments throughout the year. However, a school’s open day is a particularly important time to ensure you have a professionally designed prospectus ready to print and hand out to interested students who attend the open day.

A prospectus has a combination of imagery, content and infographics. It needs to be consistent with your school’s branding and ensure all elements align with other marketing materials, including your website.